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German Reich Occupies Lithuania to Defend Against 'Russian Aggression' (VIDEO)

Well, they had an invitation from the groveling collaborationist regime in Vilnius, so that makes it okay

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Some countries just never learn. 

The US isn't the only country sending large numbers of troops and equipment to train in eastern Europe. Now Germany is carrying out exercises. 

<figcaption>Reichschancellor Merkel</figcaption>
Reichschancellor Merkel

So much for Germany's post-war pacifist constitution. Das Reich is back in the game. 

From Reuters:

The German army command said it was sending about 200 vehicles, including 30 tanks, by train to Lithuania along with 450 troops, the first of whom arrived last week. The transports would continue until late February.

Seven decades after the end of World War Two, the movement of German troops to eastern Europe, even on a NATO mission, remains a sensitive issue both in Germany and the region.

German soldiers sit on a Bueffel ("buffalo") armoured tank recovery vehicle in Grafenwoehr, Germany January 31, 2017, before deployment to Lithuania

Here's video of German forces pouring into Lithuania, fully armed and firing. Looks like Operation Barbarossa all over again. Complete with red armbands and WWII variant machine guns. Just unbelievable:

Let Berlin and its butt-kissers, the Baltic paranoid schizophrenics, carry out any provocations they want and blame everything on Russia. 

At the rate Trump-Putin relations are developing, Germany, if it is determined to continue serving the globalist NATO and EU structures may end up stuck between the United States and Russia for the third time. 

In case anyone forgot how that turned out for them last time:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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