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In Georgia EU Approval Down as Support for Eurasian Economic Union Rises

Though official Tbilisi is absolutely not bent on integration with the Eurasian Economic Union the popularity of this option is rising with 31% of Georgians now favor joining

This article originally appeared at Business New Europe

A recent poll by foreign affairs think-tank the National Democratic Institute has shown that Georgian approval of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) membership has doubled in the last year.

<figcaption>Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia</figcaption>
Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia

In the poll, 31% of respondents said that they approve of Georgia joining the Russian-led trade bloc, which could eventually grow into a common market covering most of the former Soviet space – nearly twice the 16% who approved a year earlier.

Despite the enthusiasm over the EEU, negative opinions of Russia are still prevalent in Georgia, with nearly half of all respondents stating that they believe Russia to be a threat.

Nato and EU membership aspirations remain strong among Georgians, with roughly two-thirds of all respondents approving of membership in both groups, at 65% and 68%, respectively.

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