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George Soros: The Ugly Face Behind Many Protest Movements

What do the “Arab Spring”, the “Maidan Protests”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Occupy Wall Street”, “Open Borders” and many other movements have in common? George Soros.

Recently there have been so many protest movements worldwide, leading to aggravating political situations, but if you take a look backstage you might become aware of the ugly face of George Soros. He’s been pulling so many strings with his billions of dollars that it’s a considerable cause for alarm.

Soros, whose real name, by the way, is György Schwartz, laid the foundation for his fortune during WWII. His family lived in Hungary back then and collaborated with the National Socialists. When the Germans occupied Hungary, Soros ran currency trades on the black market — an activity that was punishable by death. He described this time as “the happiest time in my entire life”. His family was spared because during the subsequent Soviet occupation it also collaborated with the military intelligence service GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate).

This mixture of opportunism and greed has made George Soros into who and what he is today: a schemer who instigates revolutions and coups while calling himself a “philanthropist”. Due to his good relations with the media, he hardly risks acquiring a negative image, neither in the US nor in Europe nor in the major mainstream media. People in these media companies aren't interested in finding out who is behind these protest movements, as long as they follow the political objectives of the media moguls.

Whether it is the “Arab Spring” (which developed into a slaughter), the Maidan protests (including the subsequent coup and civil war), the “Syrian refugee crises” (with his assistance bringing people to Europe), or “Occupy Wall Street” (an attack on his rivals), “Open Borders” (how else would one stir up commotion?), the “Anti-Trump protests” (paid riots for negative press) and the “Ferguson unrest” together with the “Black Lives Matter” movement intended to instigate a race war in the US – these are all examples of how subversively Soros acts through his organizations and associates.

It is becoming more and more obvious how dangerous the likes of multi-billionaire Soros can be – they use their wealth to cause commotion and revolutions to their advantage. If only every government in the world were to throw out the many organizations supported by Soros and other multi-billionaires, we might have a little more peace on the planet.

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