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Russia Will Compete at Rio, But Must Work to Purge Politics From Sports

It’s as if we were once again at the Berlin Olympics in 1936

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

After a series of scandals and humiliating procedures, Russian athletes have finally been allowed to participate in the Olympics. The scandals accompanying the admission are proof that sports is no longer non political, but is, in fact, its instrument.

On Sunday it became known that the Russian national team has been admitted to take part in the Olympic Games, accompanied by a series of limitations. The determination whether to admit every single Russian athlete will be carried out by international sports federations depending on the athlete’s sport. The principle of collective accountability for individual guilt had been unleashed on the entire team, with even “clean” sportsmen suffering because of those who were really doping.

First of all, it’s important to understand that the Russian doping rate does not differ significantly from other countries. It’s even slightly lower. However, Russian sports authorities have shown a striking lack of will, failing to get a handle on even the smallest opportunity to protect Russia’s national image and interests. Russian Minister of Sports, Vitaliy Mutko, can repeat a thousand times over that he’s ready to take the responsibility for everything that happened, it won’t change the fact that he allowed such a situation to occur in the first place.

Meanwhile, the IOC, at the end of an unimportant German TV-channel’s leash, and the hysteria of American sports bureaucrats, shows there’s no longer sports without politics.

It’s as if we were once again at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Back then Nazis were doing their best to show the superiority of the Aryan race. Today Americans and Europeans, are aware they cannot compete with Russians as equals, which is why they’re trying to demoralize our national team in every dirty way possible.

Russia has two courses of action. One, having passed all the humiliating and disgraceful admission procedures, to collect as many medals as possible by besting her competitors in technique, strength, flexibility, dexterity and velocity.

The other, having finally been approved to participate in the Olympics, at the last moment refusing to attend this politicized show, which has nothing to do with fair and open sportive competitions.

The following questions should be asked at the highest international level: Why didn’t other national teams that have repeatedly been condemned for doping need to go through the process of collective accountability? Why is the IOC up to its neck in politics, when it should be beyond its reach? Why is the IOC a puppet, and not an independent international organization anymore?

What conclusions can be drawn from this story? First of all, Russian sports governance should resign immediately after the Olympics, regardless of how many medals our national team takes, 10 or even 100. It was utterly irresponsible in a world governed by geopolitics, not to pay attention to the international situation in general, and the ideological opposition between Russia and the US, in particular.

Secondly, Russia must raise the question of reorganizing the IOC and WADA, because at the moment these organizations do not have the necessary independence to make objective judgments.

Lastly and most importantly, while working to create a multipolar world that does not act in the interests of one (let’s be honest) not quite sane hegemon, Russia, China and all the other countries need to think not only about building independent economic, political and military institutions, but also about the development of new structures for international relations. This is essential in view of the malfunctioning and loss of credibility of existing instruments.

It’s not important how these Olympic Games end. They will be the last Olympics of the old world order, jesuitic and politicized. In these Olympic Games, refugee-athletes from countries that have been destroyed by US-bombs will perform under the five interlaced rings of the Olympic flag, a humiliating gratification in comparison to their country’s loss of tranquility under western “democracy”. The Olympics have to die in order to be reborn —beyond politics, geopolitics, villainy, counterfeits and lies.

Source: Tsargrad TV
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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