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Frumpy Jewish Lawyer Leading Campaign to Strip US Citizens of Free Speech and Assembly

Roberta Kaplan, famous for convincing the Supreme Court to legalize 'gay marriage,' is trying to use Charlottesville to dismantle the First Amendment

It’s been two years since Roberta Kaplan and her co-conspirators filed their sham lawsuit against organizers, speakers and attendees of the August 12, 2017 rally in Charlottesville VA, and the media is once again carrying water for her. The latest puff piece on the Jewish lesbian lawyer appears in Glamour Magazine, a strange choice given how conspicuously lacking Robbie and her accomplices are in that particular trait.

This rather absurd piece of fake news is meant to restore public interest in the seemingly interminable lawsuit, as well as drive large dollar donations to Robbie’s pockets. Published right in between Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) and Yom Kippur (the Jewish day of atonement), Robbie no doubt hopes to use the suit as a vehicle to pressure schul-goers for shekels. It wouldn’t be the first time Robbie has exploited the Jewish religious calendar to hit her tribe up. According to a June 2019 report in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Robbie has raised over $10 million so far for this bogus suit.

A non-governmental organization has raised $10 million toward paying the costs, an official of the group told JTA, and is still fund-raising. Integrity First for America, according to its website, is “dedicated to holding those accountable who threaten longstanding principles of our democracy — including our country’s commitment to civil rights and equal justice.” But for now its only brief is the Charlottesville case.

Where is all that money going?

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Anatomy of a Fraud

The now two year old Sines v. Kessler lawsuit rests on a threadbare legal theory based on an archaic law from 1870 that Robbie herself has publicly acknowledged she devised ad hoc in order to pursue her real agenda: to overpower the First Amendment and shut down legitimate political speech.

Four exhausted young men pushed out of Lee Park by Virginia State Police. In front of them is a screaming mob armed with poles, projectiles and other weapons.

Robbie alleges that anyone who attended the rally and did any sort of planning ahead of time is liable for the fatal car accident in which communist rioter Heather Heyer was killed and for any other damages alleged by her myriad of clients. The only reason such a ludicrous suit didn’t get tossed immediately is Robbie’s status as a wealthy and famous lawyer with powerful connections in DC and Tel Aviv. Her claim to fame is that she argued for gay marriage in front of the Supreme Court in 2013, which granted her celebrity status generated by an unfree press that was lockstep in supporting her ambitions.  

To underscore the absurdity of this suit, let’s examine the case of Tyler Magill, a local Charlottesville hustler who capitalized on the media commotion following the protest to cash in. Magill alleged that he was hit in the neck by a tiki torch on the night of August 11th, which four days later caused him to have a stroke! This story went viral in leftist circles on the internet and Magill scammed $130,000 in GoFundMe bucks from hysterical liberal suckers.

Magill's allegations were thrown on the pile of frivolous complaints in the Sines v. Kessler, which shows Kaplan and her team didn't bother to investigate these claims. Magill’s own doctors have publicly expressed trepidation over the claims. At the time Robbie’s sham lawsuit was filed, these facts were all publicly known:

  • No video or witness account of Magill being struck existed.
  • A video of Magill from August 13th in which he chases and screams at Jason Kessler had been widely distributed on the internet. There was no injury to his neck in this video.
  • Magill’s doctors had publicly stated that they could find no evidence of trauma to his neck, and that even if he had suffered trauma it would be virtually impossible for it to trigger a stroke 4 days later.

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Given this, why would a lawyer of Robbie’s alleged stature discredit her litigation by including claims from a charlatan like Tyler Magill? Far from being the “blockbuster” lawsuit that Glamour says it is, Sines v. Kessler is a hot pile of shit that has only survived due to Robbie’s wealth, personal friends in the media and close ties to kleptocrats in the Democratic party. In February 2019, Magill quietly moved to dismiss himself from the case and slinked away before he was pressed in court.

In the Glamour puff piece, Robbie repeats her usual fairy tales about how she is bravely standing up to the evil white supremacists in spite of a supposedly unrelenting torrent of threats and abuse. These claims are wild exaggerations, if not outright lies, and are calculated to elicit maximum sympathy from her fellow Jews during the Jewish Holy Days. Robbie has made public appeals during the Jewish holiday of Purim–in which Jews celebrate the murder of Persian vizier Haman, his 10 sons and 75,000 innocent Persians–to get her fellow Jews writing checks while she issues veiled threats against the defendants.

Robbie the Victim 

In Glamour, Kaplan's Jewish interviewer sets the narrative's table for her:

When I meet Kaplan for the first time and ask about the threats, she almost smiles. She gets it, how much these men despise her. She’s a woman who happens to be both a lesbian and Jewish. Since the 2016 presidential election, she has worn a small star of David around her neck—a personal reminder to keep up the fight against hate in all its nefarious forms.

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Robbie will happily announce her status as Jewish, a woman, and a lesbian yet will accuse anyone who repeats her own words when describing her of "threats."

Robbie has also developed a reputation for making bombastic and irresponsible statements to the press concerning this case. Until my motions to sanction, she operated as if she was above standard procedures and legal ethics. As a defendant in the suit, I moved several times with the court to restrain Kaplan from her attempts to try me in Jewish-run media, instead of the court of law.

In one document I complained to the court that Kaplan was:

  • Making statements online that were intended to prejudice the public against the defendants after having asked for a jury trial.
  •  Making equivocal allegations attempting to tie defendants to Parklands shooter Nikolas Cruz, to murderers of abortion doctors and to Jim Crow era lynchings of black Americans.
  •  Making religious threats against defendants.
  •  Openly admitting the case was about shutting down free speech.
  •  Doing speeches in which pictures of defendants were included in slideshows next to images of burning crosses and hooded klansmen.
  •  Making statements that imply she has a special connection to the Court.

The "brilliant" Kaplan's response was to claim that she was suffering threats and harassment from defendants. As “evidence” of this, she showed tweets by Jason Kessler in which he does not come close to even the most liberal definition of a "threat," placed above and below Gab posts by a mysterious account calling itself “American Identitarian Party.” This account may fool a layman, but it would not fool anyone familiar with alt-right culture. A cartoon Nazi “fed poster” using the tepid Generation Identity’s logo for an avatar? Not only does it make no ideological sense, the “American Identitarian Party” had no website, no members, no history, not even a social media presence outside of Gab. In other words, this "party" never existed.

The sole purpose of this "A_I_P" account was to stir the pot and post threats to Roberta Kaplan, who curiously did not legally pursue the offender. This was confusing to many people, as she constantly states that she is on a crusade to punish everyone harboring "white supremacist" ideas. The FBI would've taken it very seriously, since she is wealthy and a member of multiple privileged and protected classes, but no, brave Roberta just shrugged it off, as she is part lesbian Ann Frank and part goyim-slaying Bar Kokhba! 

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My motion was initially dismissed by Magistrate Judge Joel Hoppe a few hours after my final reply to Kaplan’s opposition was filed, indicating that Hoppe had made up his mind before the fact and was not even considering my arguments. As a relatively young Judge who is no doubt hoping to be nominated to the Federal bench, Hoppe cannot afford to make an enemy of someone as powerful as Kaplan. Kaplan has the influence to decide who gets to play and who doesn't in DC. I objected to Hoppe’s ruling, asking that District Court Judge Norman Moon review his decision.

The objection had been lingering with no ruling for several months when Robbie produced more inflammatory propaganda intended to poison the jury pool against defendants. This time it was a NowThis video in which Robbie told blatant lies and featured a video montage with pictures of defendants interspersed with pictures of hooded klansmen and dead blacks hanging from trees.

I filed for emergency relief against Kaplan, sanctioning her for repeated instances of unethical behavior and restraining her from making such statements again publicly. Shortly thereafter I was dismissed from the case without prejudice, thus relieving the judge of the burden of having to make a politically inconvenient decision.
Judge Norman Moon, who has demonstrated over-the-top bias in every "alt-right" case he's had before him (and he seems to get them often) should be ashamed of himself for allowing this circus to continue. Sines v. Kessler is just another wart on our decaying and corrupt institutions where common men who don't even have $1,000 in their bank account are mangled and abused in civil courts by the predatory rich who can pay $10 million to play right up front. The suit should be renamed Goliath v. David, because while the odds are difficult, outside of the box legal thinking can fight them to a standstill. 

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