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France & the EU Only Have Themselves to Blame

France and the EU helped create ISIS and then welcomed them into Europe, now they want you to forget about it!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Yes, I know this may sound incredibly unfashionable. After all, according to the Twitter & Facebook bleeding heart mob, the only thing one should be doing is hoisting the flag of Revolutionary France, pretend to be very upset, and engage in a Hollywood, Diana-funeral-style collective grief and outpouring of hysterical emotion.

It’s not very surprising that the corporate media and the Western political class encourage such irrational behaviour, because what they do not want to happen is for their failed policies and propaganda to be examined carefully and thoughtfully by the public. For if this were to take place, it would become obvious that France and the European Union’s insane, paradoxical policies led to this perfectly avoidable tragedy.

It is all well and good to blame ISIS and their supporters, who are undoubtedly a bunch of bloodthirsty psychopaths, but what matters is who enabled them to succeed and in what way?  I’ll never forget how the Western media used to refer to the people who later  became ISIS. They called them  ‘’pro-democracy activists’’, ‘’pro-Western rebels’’ or simply ‘’the democratic opposition’’.  What an interesting choice of words! France and the EU supported Washington’s policies, including the propaganda campaign, unequivocally. France still supports what remains of the so-called ‘’moderate opposition’’ in Syria, groups which are not part of ISIS only because of a power struggle with it, not because they disagree with ISIS’ methods or ideology.

If you were to listen to some of the things certain ‘’moderates’’ believe and say, you’d see theyn’t much different from the terrorists who killed so many people in Paris. Only a few weeks ago, the French liberal establishment figure, Bernard Henri-Levy was still cheering on the supposed ‘’moderates’’, seeming to regret Obama had not bombed Assad before ISIS appeared on the scene. Of course, Mr. Henri-Levy was most upset with the usual suspect, President Putin, as opposed to his EU establishment friends who aided and abetted Washington’s revolution against Assad in Syria.

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What about Libya? The French & EU political establishments appear to have conveniently forgotten their war in Libya and the violent Islamist coup against Ghaddafi that they fomented.  The French were  more vocal even than Obama about getting rid of Ghaddafi, and were right in there bombing Libya. The consequences of this reckless intervention are that now Libya is a failed state in which terrorism and Islamism have free rein.

France helped destabilise the two countries where ISIS and similar groups are the unofficial rulers. By bombing those countries, France has led many Muslims, who would not have joined such groups before, to pledge allegiance to the them, seeing them as a kind of resistance against the West. They have come to believe that Islam and Muslims are under attack flocking to ISIS for protection, meaning and retribution. Technically, of course, they are wrong, since the West began its utopian, liberal, nation-building program by killing Orthodox Christians in Serbia, but never mind. The West wages war against everyone and anyone that is unwilling to accept its false  values, regardless of their religion.

Obviously, you would have to be completely ignorant not to have expected such interventions in the Middle East to lead to anything other than the rise of criminal, radical Islamist groups promising protection and vengeance, which is  how France helped create ISIS.

However, until recently ISIS only existed in the countries France helped destabilise, and in the souls of some Muslims living in Europe, but not too many to monitor. This situation  changed with the EU’s criminally stupid ‘’welcome everybody’’, open-borders policy.  By opening the door to millions of Muslims without any serious attempt to distinguish between genuine refugees and possible terrorist infiltrators, the EU elites have unleashed the monster they created upon the citizens of Europe as well as all genuine refugees.

As I have mentioned before, many Syrian women and children have been placed in refugee camps with Islamist criminals and terrorists, who have subjected them to physical abuse, rape and unimaginable brutality. The refugees who have gone through great hardship to escape ISIS, are forced to live, sleep and eat with ISIS militants in European refugee camps!  Not surprisingly, it turned out at least two of the terrorists that killed so many in Paris had entered the country posing as ‘’refugees’’.

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ISIS’ only purpose it to kill and destroy. France and the EU have welcomed them into a Europe that has lost the will to live or defend itself, and whose existence is more decadent than that of the Western Roman Empire of old.

This will not end well. But the Western elites would rather have us be emotional on Facebook  than to sit down and  think, for  then we might just realize why all it happened, and more importantly, what’s still to come…

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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