Great Singing by Flashmob in Ukraine's Breakaway Republic (Video)

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Very moving (Click to enlarge)

The men who put out RI are a tough gang of hombres, not given to tearfulness, but we have to admit, a couple of us had glistening eyes while watching this video.

What can we say?  Russians, in case you don't know, are ridiculously good singers.  One sees it all the time here - the singing ability of the average Russian is at least 10 times what is in Europe or the US.  Furthermore, it always has been.  

The Marquis de Custine, writing about his travels in 18th century Russia, was astounded by the beauty of the peasants singing in the fields, the coachmen atop the coaches, and the choirs in the churches.  Europe at the time had nothing comparable.



This song is called 'Eternal Flame', or 'From Heroes of Days Past', and talks about how the heroes of past wars look down from above and give the current generation no choice but to repeat their example.  It was written in the early 70s for a war movie.  (Wikipedia)

Back when the Ukraine conflict started, the former prime minister of the USSR, Nikolai Ryzhkov, who is from Donetsk, explained in an excellent interview that the people there were phenomenally tough, and that the CIA puppet masters and oligarchs in Kiev had no idea what they were up against, and would definitely fail.  



Now they know.

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