First Victim of Brexit – The Polish Plumber

It's going to have a domino effect.

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Right after it became clear that Great Britain was going to leave the European Union, the accumulated British hatred of Poles broke lose. It turned out that people had hardly tolerated Polish gentlemen with plungers during all these years.

Yesterday the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London posted an official statement:

“We are shocked and deeply concerned with the recent incidents of xenophobic violence aimed at the Polish community and other inhabitants of Great Britain. The Embassy is in touch with the relative agencies but local police has already started the investigation of two most famous cases, registered in the district of Hammersmith in London and in the city of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.”

What the crimes were (since the police are involved, this is about crimes), the Embassy doesn’t specify. However, it is known that anonymous activists sent xenophobe leaflets to  addresses where Poles live. They stop migrants on the streets and say they’re ordered to leave England. Racist inscriptions have appeared on the building of the Polish cultural center in London demanding Polish people leave Great Britain. The police reinforced patrolling near the center and other districts where Polish people are concentrated.   

A domino effect is brewing: Polish plumbers will return home and start driving out Ukrainians who took their jobs. The arguments will be similar to those the Poles have been hearing all along in Great Britain, as well as the epithets.

Yet nothing special happened, just a referendum. Foggy Albion didn’t float away; Poland seems to be still there, too, as well as Ukraine. But what a great migration period is in store for the Old World — a replay of the Hun’s invasion.

But apparently Brits don’t think so. Maybe they think the opposite: the great invasion of Polish and Baltic plumbers has been happening for the last twenty years, but now is a good time to come out on the streets and turn back the clock.

The concert is over, thanks to everyone, and now go home.

Source: Live Journal

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