Powerful Three Horse Carriage 'Troyka' Fulfilled 17th Century Russians' Need for Speed (Video)

The 17th century 'troyka' was capable of attaining a speed up to 50 km/h

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The "troyka" or three horse carriage, was invented in Russia in 17th century and thereafter became a symbol of the country. Its speed and beauty made the troyka an embodiment of Russia.

Russia was the first to develop the unique and quite dangerous technique of how to reach a speed of up to 50 km/h - it was a very fast ride that was often compared to a bird flying. It became especially popular mostly because such transportation was perfect for long trips on bad roads.

The secret behind this dashing Russian form of transport can be seen in this video:

The famous Russian writer Nikolai Gogol in his novel “Dead Souls” associated the troyka with the course of Russia as a country. It’s considered one of the most powerful symbols in Russian classic literature:

“Ah, troika, troika, swift as a bird, who was it that first invented you? Only among a hardy race of folk can you have come to birth — only in a land which, though poor and rough, lies spread over half the world, and spans versts the counting where of would leave one with aching eyes.<...> And you, Russia of mine — are not you also speeding like a troika which nought can overtake? <...> Whither, then, are you speeding, O Russia of mine? Whither? Answer me! But no answer comes — only the weird sound of your collar-bells. Rent into a thousand shreds, the air roars past you,for you are overtaking the whole world, and shall one day force all nations, all empires to stand aside, to give you way!”

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