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Family of Murdered Russian Pilot Rejects Turkey's Compensation

On reports the authorities of the Turkish city of Kemer offered the family a house, the brother of the slain pilot said his family wasn't interested

The family of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was killed after his bomber was shot down over Syria by a Turkish jet last autumn, has dismissed the idea it might agree to accept compensation from Turkey.

"No of course. This is nonsense. Nobody is writing any messages to Turkey with demands for compensation," the killed pilot’s brother, Pavel Peshkov, said in an interview on a Moscow radio station. "We’ve never had an idea of asking for anything. Even if we are offered compensation, none of us will take it. This is not just humiliating. It is terrible," he said shortly after the local authorities of the Turkish resort of Kemer declared the intention to present the Peshkov family with a house.

Earlier, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn said that Ankara was prepared to consider the question of compensation to the pilot’s relatives to ease the family’s pain and grief, provided there was a request from the pilot’s relatives.

A Turkish Air Force jet on November 24 last year downed a Russian Sukhoi-24 bomber, claiming it had strayed into Turkish airspace. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that the plane stayed in Syrian airspace all the time. The crew ejected themselves. Pilot Oleg Peshkov was killed with a machinegun round from the ground while descending by parachute. The navigator landed safely, was rescued and brought to base.

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