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Fallout from Shameful Victory Day Parade Boycott Is Everywhere

A number of politicians expressed 'shame' that their leaders did not attend the Victory Day Parade in Moscow

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

What spineless, petty, weak fools, western leaders are. From Obama to Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Harper, none of them have even a shred of honor.

They are great at overthrowing governments, torture, drone strikes and wreaking general suffering and havoc on the world, but diplomats they are not.

The irony should not be lost. These western puppets are boycotting Russia’s Victory Day event because they support an openly-fascist Ukraine.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, (in an open letter to the chief editor of the influential Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera) called the Western leaders’ boycott of the Victory parade in Moscow a “myopia.”

“What we are doing is a mistake. This reviewing stand on the Red Square, where the leaders of China, India and other Asian states sit near Putin, is not a sign of Russia’s isolation, but means the decline of the West.”

Italian politician and leader of the Lega Nord or “Northern League” Matteo Salvini, showed respect to the Russia’s President on Saturday. On Facebook, he published photos with Vladimir Putin with a comment:

“I am with him.”

Meanwhile in France, Francois Hollande’s decision to boycott the Victory Day Parade was described as a big mistake by many French politicians according to Ouest France.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, a former French presidential candidate and founder of the Left Party, was furious about Hollande’s absence in Moscow, calling it a “shame.”

“The absence of Hollande is a diplomatic, as well as a historical insult. I’ll call it what it is: a shame. It is even worse because Vladimir Putin came to honor the 70th anniversary of the Allies’ troops landing at Normandy.”

Jacques Myard, a member of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party, called Hollande’s absence a shameful act, adding that Russia is a key partner for France in Europe and Hollande shouldn’t have changed his stance towards Russia because of the crisis in Ukraine.

“Hollande’s refusal to visit Moscow is the insult of history!”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a UMP member, said…

“The refusal of Francois Hollande to attend the ceremonies in Moscow is a shame and a mistake. This date is very important for Russians who paid a heavy price, 27 million people died fighting the war against Nazis.”

Florian Philippot, one of the leaders of the Front National (FN), tweeted:

The absence of France in the May 9 commemorations in Moscow will be perceived as an insult to the Russian people, who was bled to death. Not worthy

Hollande, for his part, opted to kiss some Saudi Prince ass instead. On May 5, Hollade went to Saudi Arabia as a guest of honor to attend a summit of the Council of the Arab League.

French political columnist Yannik Chauvin heavily criticized the move, stating that Hollande was quick to extend his hand of friendship to Saudi Arabia that has a terrible record of human rights abuses and was accused of sponsoring global terrorism.



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