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Oh Why Oh Why Can We Not Choose a Man or a Woman Who We Could Use?

Verse on the beginning of Fall 2016

The author is a Major (Retired) of the US Air Force, a peace activist and a regular RI contributor




Oh to be a Citizen
and look with disgust
at our elected leaders
who we do not trust.

Too many bureaucrats
who are of no use.
Those who rise the highest
through fraud, waste and abuse.

Just look back
for hundreds of years or more
so many criminals
rotten down to their core.

Who slaughtered the natives,
was their land taken by stealth?
Who enslaved our brothers
in the pursuit of great wealth?

Others warned of Russian evil,
they posed a great threat.
In the end our own worst enemy 
was us that we met.

Are such things in our past,
do they pollute our soil…
Will our debts be paid off?
Drone an Arab. Grab his oil.

And now we elect
with a grimace and a smile
another liar or thief
from our own reject pile.

They all have great PR
and egos to boot
matched only by their hunger
for sex, power or loot.

Neither a crony crook
nor psychopath is choice.
Neither one do I want
nor need for my voice.

We are sick of secret deals
and criminal ties
followed by coups,
scandals and lies.

Oh why Oh why
can we not choose
a man or a woman
who we could use?

Someone to follow the laws
and the oath they vowed
as an example to others
and to make us proud.

Somethings wrong with our democracy,
some things need to change with us.
Our leaders are scum,
our capitals filled with pus.

A revolt is at hand,
a need for change does grow.
Will it come from on high,
will it rise from below?

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