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Failed State 101: Truck War Between Kiev and Moscow Shows Kiev Has Lost Control

Although Kiev has caved in to Moscow on the tit-for-tat truck blockade, the militias carrying out the blockade say they have no intention of honoring the agreement

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There can be no better proof of the failed state status of Ukraine than this. Throughout this "truck war," which has lasted throughout February, the authorities in Kiev have shown themselves powerless to influence the course of events.

Firstly, they did not initiate the blockade. It was initiated by "activists" - in reality autonomous militias with no respect for lawful authority. In the face of the threat from these and other militias, the government of Petro Poroshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk has to give in, or else lose power - and probably their heads.

That's what happens once you set a precedent that it's ok to topple the legal government by force, as the Maidan putchists did two years ago. So why not again? Yanukovich was up for reelection in 1 year. But elections take too long to achieve "democracy" -- better to impose it by force. The United States of America has set the example for decades. 

Right Sector and other volunteer militias have repeatedly threatened a coup d'etat in Kiev if their demands are not met. Principally, they demand the war against the pro-Russian separatists in Donbass be continued. And so it does. Poroshenko dare not fully implement his obligations under the Minsk accords.

The government of Ukraine cannot even enforce the law in its own capital, with police doing nothing while militia groups in Kiev ransacked Russian banks a few days ago to "celebrate" the "Revolution of Dignity."

Quite diginified behavior. 

So Kiev rubber stamps what it is powerless to stop. Naturally, Russia reciprocated by blocking Ukrainian truck transit across Russian territory. Lo and behold, Ukraine starts suffering even more massive losses to its trade with the CIS, and they are forced to cave in to Moscow. 

Except the "Karpattia Sich" militia carrying out the blockade says it has no intention of honoring Kiev's agreement with Russia. 

Sounds like a state within a state to me. A failed state. 

In 2011, Libyan armed groups at the behest and direction of the West, also toppled their government. Libyans have been living in near total anarchy ever since, with different parts of the country controlled by various militias. 

Hold on Ukrainians, Libya here we come. 

As reported in RBTH:

Truck transit resumed between Ukraine and Russia on February 25, the Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry press service told Interfax.

Anti-Russian activists blocked the traffic of Russian trucks in eleven regions of Ukraine in the first half of February. Russia reciprocated the move, on February 14, by suspending the traffic of Ukrainian trucks and, later on, their transit. Ukraine also put an official ban on the transit of Russian trucks.

On February 16, the Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry agreed on the unhampered return of Ukrainian trucks stranded in Russia, or Asian countries bordering Russia, as a result of the suspended transit. In exchange, Ukraine allowed Russian trucks en route from EU countries to pass through its territory.

On February 24, Ukraine accepted the proposal of the Russian Finance Ministry to resume truck transit at midnight on February 25.

Yet, the Karpattia Sich movement, which organized the blockade of Russian trucks in the Zakarpattia region, demanded that the Ukrainian government revise its decision to permit the resumption of Russian truck transit across Ukraine.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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