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EXPOSED: Pentagon Sabotaged Syrian Deal with Back-Stabbing Airstrike

The US military's bombing of the Syrian army at Deir-ez-Zor in September was no accident

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

John Kerry told The Boston Globe something recently which pretty well confirmed earlier suspicions that the Sept. 17th bombing of the Syrian army at Deir-Ez-Zor was and intentional effort by the Pentagon to sabotage negotiations with Russia. 

Here's an excellent rundown by Moon of Alabama:

<figcaption>Carter...not about to take orders from Kerry</figcaption>
Carter...not about to take orders from Kerry

In a recent interview Kerry admits that it was opposition from the Pentagon, not Moscow or Damascus, that had blown up his agreement with Russia over Syria:

More recently, he has clashed inside the administration with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Kerry negotiated an agreement with Russia to share joint military operations, but it fell apart.

“Unfortunately we had divisions within our own ranks that made the implementation of that extremely hard to accomplish,” Kerry said. “But I believe in it, I think it can work, could have worked."

Kerry's agreement with Russia did not just "fell apart". The Pentagon actively sabotaged it by intentionally and perfidiously attacking the Syrian army.

The deal with Russia was made in June. It envisioned coordinated attacks on ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria, both designated as terrorist under two UN Security Council resolutions which call upon all countries to eradicate them. For months the U.S. failed to separate its CIA and Pentagon trained, supplied and paid "moderate rebel" from al-Qaeda, thereby blocking the deal. In September the deal was modified and finally ready to be implemented.

The Pentagon still did not like it but had been overruled by the White House:

The agreement that Secretary of State John Kerry announced with Russia to reduce the killing in Syria has widened an increasingly public divide between Mr. Kerry and Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, who has deep reservations about the plan for American and Russian forces to jointly target terrorist groups.

Mr. Carter was among the administration officials who pushed against the agreement on a conference call with the White House last week as Mr. Kerry, joining the argument from a secure facility in Geneva, grew increasingly frustrated. Although President Obama ultimately approved the effort after hours of debate, Pentagon officials remain unconvinced. 
“I’m not saying yes or no,” Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian, commander of the United States Air Forces Central Command, told reporters on a video conference call. “It would be premature to say that we’re going to jump right into it.”

The CentCom general threatened to not follow the decision his Commander of Chief had taken. He would not have done so without cover from Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

How dysfunctional, how useless, how weak must the Obama administration be to allow rifts the cabinet to spill over into open warfare between State and Defense? What an absolute pathetic excuse for a leader must Obama be?

What happened next is an absolute disgrace:

Three days later U.S. CentCom Air Forces and allied Danish airplanes attack Syrian army positions near the ISIS besieged city of Deir Ezzor. During 37 air attacks within one hour between 62 and 100 Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed and many more wounded. They had held a defensive positions on hills overlooking the Deir Ezzor airport. Shortly after the U.S. air attack ISIS forces stormed the hills and have held them since. Resupply for the 100,000+  civilians and soldiers in Deir Ezzor is now endangered if not impossible. The CentCom attack enabled ISIS to eventually conquer Deir Ezzor and to establish the envisioned "Salafist principality" in east Syria.

During the U.S. attack the Syrian-Russian operations center had immediately tried to contact the designated coordination officer at U.S. Central Command to stop the attack. But that officer could not be reached and those at CentCom taking the Russian calls just hanged up:

By time the Russian officer found his designated contact — who was away from his desk — and explained that the coalition was actually hitting a Syrian army unit, “a good amount of strikes” had already taken place, U.S. Central Command spokesman Col. John Thomas told reporters at the Pentagon Tuesday.

This is still more evidence of US military culpability. If the bombing was a tragic mistake, as the US claimed, why did the US military refuse to pick up the phone and answer the Russian-Syrian side's frantic calls? 

Clearly the Pentagon not only planned and carried out the deliberate attack, but ignored all appeals from the other side to halt. 

John Kerry was left as the hapless fool who had promised what the weak government he represented was unable to deliver. 

It shouldn't be too difficult for incoming President Trump to do a better job handling Syria than President Obama, who has possibly been the most inept and powerless individual ever to hold the US presidency. But if Trump wants to "drain the swamp," he'd better take a good look at the Pentagon when he takes office. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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