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Experts Agree: McMaster Is a Major McAsshole

Trump should fire his National Security Advisor and replace him with a potato. Less war, better advising

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

While policy wonks are still deeply divided on how to fix America's completely broken healthcare system, everyone seems to agree that National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster is a major McAsshole. 

What dumb bullshit is McMaster advocating for now? We're very glad you asked, because that is the subject of this internet article. 

<figcaption>H. R. McMoron</figcaption>
H. R. McMoron

According to Bloomberg, Trump is likely to sign off on a plan drawn up by McMaster which "calls for a more robust American presence in the fight to stabilize Afghanistan". 

So basically: Washington is going to double-down on the same failing strategy it has clung to since October 7, 2001. 'Strategy' isn't really the right word of course — because for the last fifteen years, Afghanistan has been a cash cow for private contractors and Raytheon, while every few weeks a US soldier is maimed by a roadside bomb or killed by a disgruntled Afghan soldier. 

Afghanistan is still ruled by medieval warlords — just like it was before its 'liberation' — but now it has lots and lots of delicious poppy fields. But apparently McMaster is looking to squeeze taxpayers for every penny they have. 

McMaster's brilliant plan will cost $23 billion per year (but will likely end up costing far more) and will "subsidize Afghan defense and policy programs".

Why should the US pump more money into Afghan "defense" programs, though? According to NATO, Afghan forces are highly competent and are ready to tackle their country's security needs:

Claim: NATO's operation in Afghanistan was a failure 

Fact: NATO took over the command of the UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in 2003.

Under NATO's command, the mission progressively extended throughout Afghanistan, was joined by 22 non-NATO countries and built up from scratch an Afghan National Security Force of more than 350,000 soldiers and police.

Threats to Afghanistan's security continue. However, the Afghan forces are now ready to take full responsibility for security across the country, as agreed with the Afghan authorities.

What gives? Someone's not telling the truth — and at this point, does it even matter? Afghanistan is a money pit. McMaster's plan isn't an act of altruism — he just wants to shovel more American money and blood into a black hole. 

As one very astute analysis puts it:

In late 2016, CR’s Daniel Horowitz wrote, “Those who decline to observe the failures of Afghanistan are already showing signs of repeating the mistakes elsewhere.” With McMaster’s reported plan to advocate for a troop and cash infusion, it appears he is doubling down on those failures, throwing money and armaments into the mix in an attempt to break through an extreme cultural divide.

Even if the McMaster plan could miraculously unify Afghanistan for the first time in its history, the country would still be a Sharia state that would undoubtedly force philosophical clashes with the United States.


Thousands of Americans have already died fighting in the wilds of Afghanistan as part of a failed democracy project in a country that wants nothing to do with liberal democracy. If President Trump agrees to the reported McMaster plan, he would be sending American troops on an almost impossible mission that comes seemingly without a defined plan of victory or exit strategy.

Just to be clear: The occupation of Afghanistan has nothing to do with 'democracy'. It never has, and it never will. 

Allow us to remind our dear readers that McMaster is the genius who wants to send tens of thousands of US troops to Syria, and even boasted that Trump successfully drove a wedge between China and Russia.

Why has Trump surrounded himself with so many insufferable assholes? This is a question that future historians will puzzle over.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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