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Expert Rostislav Ishchenko on Syria and Novorossiya

Some very intelligent and balanced insights into the situation in Ukraine, the Middle East, and the roles of the United States and Russia

Along with Colonel Cassad, I consider Rostislav Ishchenko as one of the very best experts on the war in the Ukraine.  While Cassad and Ishchenko are very different in their styles, they share two things rarely found elsewhere: they have the intellectual honesty and the professional competence needed to avoid taking extremist positions or engage in the usual hyperbole heard from less competent commentators, and they both have a solid understanding of the nature of the war taking place between the Empire and Russia.  Cassad is more of a military person, while Ishchenko is more of a political expert, but they both see the same reality and stay clear of the two ideological camps which stridently try to shape the debate: the “hurray-patriots” on one hand, and the “Putin sold us out” on the other.  In this video, Ishchenko directly addresses the nonsense these two ideological camps spew.  Very good stuff.


Video translated and subtitled by Alena Scarecrow



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