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TRIGGER-CAST: Top Alt-Right Podcast About EU Migrant Crisis (Fash The Nation)

"From January 1 to October 31, a total of 1,093,729 nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers landed in Europe—nearly double the entire population of the country of Luxembourg, which only has 530,000 residents."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This is an excellent 10 minute weekly news summary called "The Europa Report" which is a regular segment in the world's most listened to Alt-Right podcast, Fash the Nation.

The report does a good job of quickly summarizing developments in Europe's ongoing migrant crisis for the preceding week. 

It is a useful service, because this information does not appear in the mainstream media, and is scattered around the European alternative media in various languages.

Information is presented from alt media sites like Breitbart London, Visegrad Post, Daily Stormer, Diversity Macht Frei, New Observer Online, Forza Nuova USA, among others.

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Since this summer, Fash the Nation has seen dramatic growth, and is one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the world, with weekly downloads approaching 50,000.

We highly recommend it, as it analyzes politics in the US from an original point of view, openly criticizing the negative influence of Jewish elites, neocons, and dispensing with the fiction that races are equal in ability.  

It gives a vital insight into the burgeoning Alt-Right movement in the US, with humor and a lot of 'triggering'.

Text of the Europa Report follows below.

Text of the Europa Report:

Ι am Autolycus and this is the Europa Report for the past week, December 9th to December 16th, bringing you the latest news on the Continent regarding new political developments and the ever ongoing non-white invasion crisis.

Two weeks shy of the new year let us make an overview of the migrant invasion of Europe so far.

From January 1 to October 31, a total of 1,093,729 nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers landed in Europe—nearly double the entire population of the country of Luxembourg, which only has 530,000 residents.

This colossal invasion force is currently arriving at a rate of over 2,674 every day, with 82,914 landing in the month of October alone.


According to figures released by the European Union’s European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in its Latest Asylum Trends–October 2016 report, the invasion rate is already more than for all of 2015, when 1,071,971 “asylum applications” were lodged.

The most interesting finding of the past week was that that migrant “rescue ships” have been acting as people traffickers or working with them actively.


The accusations from Frontex bring to the fore a long-simmering dispute between EU officials and non-governmental organisations over how to resolve a migration crisis that has caused the deaths of 4,700 people this year alone.

Frontex put its concerns in a confidential report last month, raising the idea that migrants had been given “clear indications before departure on the precise direction to be followed in order to reach the NGOs’ boats”.

NGOs operating in the region emphatically denied working with people smugglers. Elsewhere in the reports, which are shared among EU officials and diplomats, Frontex says people rescued by NGO vessels were often “not willing to co-operate with debriefing experts at all” with some claiming “that they were warned [by NGOs] not to co-operate with Italian law enforcement or Frontex”.

Let us continue with Italy, where former foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni was named as Italy’s new prime minister Sunday following reformist leader Matteo Renzi’s resignation in the wake of a crushing referendum defeat.


Gentiloni, who served as foreign minister under Renzi, was asked by President Sergio Mattarella to form a new centre-left government that will guide Italy to elections due by February 2018.

A close ally of the outgoing premier, Gentiloni now has to put together his own government team ahead of a parliamentary approval vote expected on Wednesday.

In a brief statement, Gentiloni said there was an “urgent need for a fully functioning government” to address a series of pressing international, economic and social issues.

Speaking of pressing issues, according to the Vatican City’s mayor, Rome is on the verge of war as friction grows between poor Italians and an out-of-control tsunami of mainly North African Muslim freeloaders posing as asylum seekers.


Virginia Raggi told an immigration summit of European city leaders that mayors need to be the first to welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation”. She was speaking just days after a Moroccan family was prevented from moving into a council flat given to them by the authorities after neighbours shouted: “We do not want these n*****s.”

“For this we must take action, even more in the suburbs, which are the most abandoned parts of the city, where there is a risk of a war between the poor.” She said the situation is so fragile in the Italian capital’s suburbs between the impoverished locals and those who have illegally entered Italy, battles between the two groups are imminent.

The Vatican City mayor added: “In Rome, we are trying to provide stability with temporary shelters and tents.  “We want everyone to have a roof over their heads.

In Rome, Milan, and Padua, riot police were called in and clashed with protesters against massive immigration. Protestors in Rome demanded that the local refugee center be closed down, complaining that the immigrants in the center had created poor living conditions in the area.

Pope Francis tried to appeal to the protesters sense of religion: “In recent days in Rome there have been quite strong tensions between residents and immigrants” “The Christian community needs to get involved in a concrete manner to ensure we have a coming together not clashes.”

Moving on to Germany, where a senior politician in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative party has called for X-Rays to be conducted on unaccompanied minor refugees in the wake of the brutal rape and murder of a German student.


Thomas Strobl, the CDU interior minister for the state of Baden-Wuerttemburg, said a simple X-Ray of the wrist bone would determine the correct age of a person.He called for the procedure in the wake of the murder of 19-year-old music student Maria Ladenburger in his state.

Miss Ladenburger was on her way home from a party in October when, according to police, an Afghan asylum seeker who claims to be just 17 ambushed, raped and drowned her in a river.

Also, after 12 months of migrant attacks which saw mass sex assaults in western city Cologne and the rape-murder of teenager Maria Ladenburger, Bavaria’s finance minister has warned the nation faces a homeland security crisis and is losing control of its streets.


The State Minister for Finance, Regional Development and Home Affairs Markus Söder on Thursday said the security situation in the country was deteriorating and mass migration was to blame. Remarking “Our wives and daughters are increasingly afraid of sexual assaults”, Söder called for more police power and deportations for migrants.

Commenting on the security situation in Germany, the minister did not mince his words when he told the newspaper: “When citizens no longer feel safe to visit neighbourhoods, the state loses its authority… this is now about homeland security”.

It is remarkable that self-defence classes have surged in popularity following an influx of migrants travelling into Germany.

In neighboring France, it has been revealed that the main suspect in a high-speed train attack thwarted by three Americans last year in northern France acted on orders from the leading member of the Islamic State cell that attacked Paris three months later.


Lawyer Sarah Mauger-Poliak told The Associated Press that Ayoub El Khazzani testified that he received specific orders from Abdelhamid Abaaoud to attack a Paris-bound Thalys express train in August 2015.

El Khazzani, a 27-year-old-year Moroccan, was questioned at his request by a Paris counterterrorism judge Wednesday for more than five hours. It was the first time he agreed to answer questions about the case.

French authorities had earlier linked El Khazzani to Abaaoud, but without elaborating. It has never been reported before that Abaaoud also ordered the Thalys train attack.

Abaaoud died a few days after the Paris attacks in a police raid outside the capital..

In front of the judge, the suspect presented himself as a “jihadist,” as “a soldier who wanted to attack other soldiers,” Mauger-Poliak said. “He never intended to commit mass killings of civilians. He was aiming at a specific target in a first-class car of the train.”

In other news, Front National politician Marion Le Pen has blasted the decision not to grant visas to Afghan translators who were promised a safe haven in France for helping the country’s army.


She has furiously hit out saying that 700 people are at risk of being persecuted saying these people have more rights than migrants flooding into the Republic and she is calling on an immediate amnesty for the men who have put France’s interests first by supporting their military intervention in Afghanistan.

She also stated: “During its presence in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2014, the French Army benefited from the services of nearly 700 local interpreters to fulfill its mission against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Regarding news from the European Union, EU President Donald Tusk said on last Thursday that he will seek to hold a summit meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the first half of next year to discuss the testy relations between the two.


The 28-nation EU and Turkey have a deal under which Turkey makes sure to stem the flow of migrants into Europe in return for billions of euros to take care of them there. However, Turkey and the EU have been at loggerheads about Turkey’s security crackdown since a failed coup in July.

Tusk office said that the summit would likely be held after a regular EU summit in March.

Earlier this week, EU countries expressed deep concern about Turkey’s crackdown but stopped short of officially freezing membership talks with the country — a move that is favored by Austria.


In an a furious tirade, Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu slammed the actions of his Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz.

Mr Causoglu said in a TV interview: “I will not discuss with Austria, whose parliament takes decisions against us, and whose media reports badly about us.”

The war of words came after Turkey tried to engage in membership negation talks for ascension, which could eventually lead to full membership of the EU.

Moving on to the British Isles, where migrants from outside European Economic Area (EEA) are marrying pregnant women, or women who already have children, who are British or European Union (EU) nationals in order to use human rights laws to stay permanently in Britain, due to the “right to a family life”.


According to the report, officials had recorded “a new trend for non-EEA men paying extra for a sham bride who was already pregnant”. Some men had also submitted several applications for leave to remain as a pending application can postpone deportation.

Figures published in 2013 suggest that between 3,000 and 10,000 applications every year to stay in the UK were made on the basis of sham marriages.

The report also noted that the Home Office is no longer focusing on preventing sham marriages. The agency now focuses on ensuring those married in sham arrangements are refused leave to remain.

Furthermore, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has blasted remain-supporters for blaming their woes on “hate figure” Vladimir Putin, who it has been recently suggested influenced the British referendum on leaving the European Union.

According to the accusation was levelled in the House of Commons this week by Exeter Labour MP Ben Bradshaw who said although he had no evidence to back up his claims, felt Russian hackers “probably” swayed the Brexit vote.

Telling the chamber “we have got to wake up to this”, Mr. Bradshaw was mocked from some quarters for his unusual accusation, not least by Mr. Farage who joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News who noted that “blaming the Russians is not a uniquely American phenomenon, as Brexit is now being blamed on Russian interference”. Speaking on the show, Mr. Farage remarked: “I think it’s the most hysterical thing I’ve yet seen.

The past week was marked by the banning of the nationalist activist group National Action.


An order laid in Parliament today to proscribe National Action under the Terrorism Act 2000 is due to come into effect on Friday morning.

It will mean that being a member of, or inviting support for the group becomes a criminal offence. Announcing the move, Home Secretary Amber Rudd described National Action as a “racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation”.

This was followed by the sentencing of Paul Golding, the former leader of Britain First, to eight week jail sentence for breaching a High Court order which prevented him from setting foot in any mosque in the United Kingdom.


He admitted contempt of court in having broken the order after he went with four members of the group Britain First to a mosque in Cardiff for what they called a “mosque invasion”

Lastly, regarding Eastern Europe, the Romanian centre-left Social Democratic Party (PSD) won in a landslide elections on Sunday, December 11, with close to 46% of the total vote, one year after the forced resignation of the Social Democrat Prime Minister Victor Ponta in November 2015 due to protests against corruption and inept public administration.


The main opponent, the centre-right National Liberal Party (PNL) came a distant second with 20% of the vote, while the third position is occupied by USR (Save Romania Union) – a newly founded party with roots in NGO’s, who was able to gather 8% of the vote.

Moreover, it has emerged that the Russian Federation now routinely refuses to consider “asylum” applications from Syrians, and instead sends them back home saying that they face “no particular threat”.


The policy decision has been made because Syrians have no reason to leave their country in the first place, being able to move to the peaceful government-controlled majority of that country, and also because the U.S.-backed terrorist war is coming to an end.

According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the number of Syrians in Russia has fallen from 8,205 to 7,096 during the twelve months ending April 2016.

That was all for this week Goys!

The Europa Report is a compilation of selected articles from the following sites:

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