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Ex-Soviet Dissident: Screw You, Obama!

A famous Russian writer and ex-Soviet political exile comments on the US President’s farewell UN speech

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Obama: “Russia is attempting to recover lost glory through force”.

Screw you, Obama! It’s not for the president of the USA, the country that carried out more than 500 invasions of other countries over its 200 year-history, to teach us how to behave!

We need to stop this back-slapping/preaching by the overseas descendants of sectarians. Bug off!

To stop that, we need to start communicating with them in an exceptionally cold, distant manner – no handshakes, no face-to-face, bowing heads to each other trustingly – only a cold business tone.

We’re the ones who spoiled the Americans. From now on, they had better watch what they say. We don’t need their friendship. We don’t need to try to be liked.

Our people are right to dislike them.  Our leaders need to follow the voice of the people.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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