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The EU's 'Cash for Migrants' Deal With Greece

EU wants to bribe cash-strapped Greece to keep the migrants that actually want to go to Germany

Originally appeared at Red Pill Times

A top European Commission source told MNI Friday that the EC will release 2 billion euros to Greece to help the country deal the current migration crisis…but German daily Wirtschaftswoche reports, that the German Government is considering ‘helping’ Greece more financially if Athens is more involved in the refugee crisis.

The European Commission will release €2 billion to Greece in the coming days to help the country manage the current migration crisis and the upgrade its public administration system, a top Commission source told MNI Friday.

The €2 billion will be the first disbursement of the so-called Juncker package worth €35 billion which aims to help Greece recover from 8 years of recession, boost investment opportunities and combat unemployment which is amongst the highest in Europe.

“Of course the priority is to help Greece set up hot spots to deal with the arrival of immigrants which must be dealt with effectively and imminently for the sake of Europe, but the overall project is to make Greece successful again,” the source said.

And as Keep Talking Greece reports…there could be more money for The Greeks IF they take on more refugees…

The German Government is considering to ‘help’ Greece financially – but only if Athens is more involved in the refugee crisis. This is what German daily Wirtschaftswoche ‘learned’ from German government sources.

“German government no longer rules out to come towards Greece financially, if Athens increases its commitment in the refugee crisis,” WiWo notes on Friday and adds citing  Merkel’s government sources:

Our highest priority is currently that more refugees remain in Greece.

In order to achieve this, “other considerations like strict insistence on the program agreements could be set back,” the German daily notes.

In this blackmail framework, it is not clear how exactly Germany sees this “other considerations”. But in real life language this could be translated into something like:

Germany offers to be more open and eventually close an eye or two, when it comes to strict implementation of the 3rd bailout program and the One Million and One Prior Actions and Structural Reforms, if Greece accepts to keep more refugees in the country.

According to WiWo, “some 400,000 refugees have arrived in Greece since the beginning of the year. among them also many boat-refugees who arrive through the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey and want to travel further to European Union, especially to Germany.”

Already yesterday, I drew my readers’ attention to a possible blackmail on the part of Greece’s EU partners in general and the European Commission in particular with regards to the Refugee Crisis. However, I focused rather on the pressure of EC and Germany to Greece to “joint patrols with Turkey”.

However, Berlin came today with this new idea. Yet, the denominator remains the same: refugees & refugee crisis vs money & vague concessions to a debt-ridden country.

Several years ago, when I started to discover how big the world was, I was a devoted supporter of the European Union, of the free move of people and goods and other nice visions of a liberated and united happy world.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I have become in recent years to see that the noble European Union has mutated into a gang of thugs and common blackmailers.

And Zerohedge sums it all up in a few short sentences…

Everybody knows that Chancellor Merkel is under immense pressure especially by her coalition partner arch-conservative CSU regarding her Refugees policies and that she tries to politically survive her own crisis.

But in our real life world, blackmailers are normally thrown into jail.

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