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Eurosceptic Dissident Arrested in Poland: Russia Must Defend its Political Allies

"The Piskorski’s case demonstrates how ruthlessly the collective West will conduct itself in suppressing those who are ready to offer the voters an alternative to the current Russophobic agenda."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a Ukrainian journalist from Odessa who spent almost a year in prison on charges of 'separatism' until released in March 2016. He currently lives in Russia.

When I was arrested in Odessa on the charge of separatism in April 2015, Mateusz Piskorski, a famous Polish politician who is the leader of the political party “Smena” (“Zmyana” in Polish), criticized  my arrest and described the things going on in Ukraine as the crude violation of freedom of speech and human rights.  

<figcaption>What's happening to the vaunted European values?</figcaption>
What's happening to the vaunted European values?

I’m now free, but on May 18th Polish special services arrested Mateusz on charges of spying. Of course this is in regard to espionage on behalf of Russia. On May 20th the District Court of Warsaw granted the application of the prosecution and imprisoned the politician for three months (one of the close companions of the politician confirmed this information).  

The accused faces up to 10 years of imprisonment. And today I cannot but do my duty as a journalist and a citizen and call upon the immediate release of this man.  

The arrest of Mateusz is absurd, despotic, and drags all Polish and European democracy through the mud. I have not seen the file of criminal investigation and bill of indictment, but I doubt I need to. In this respect the Ukrainian and Polish special services seem indistinguishable in that their similar charges would compare well with the plot of a cheap detective novel.

The arrest of Piskorski is a signal that not only Polish but also European “law enforcers” in general will no longer stand on ceremony.

It is not about whether Piskorski criticized the Polish authorities. The point is what ideological position he stood for.  

Piskorski, like many other Eurosceptic politicians, in fact discredits the basic ideas of the current “united Europe”, namely worship of liberal ideology, nihilism in relation to traditional values together with respect for the communist past.

It is manifested in a quite unambiguous way within the political framework, namely: Euroscepticism; striving to get rid of US control and for an independent foreign policy that is moderate and sometimes openly looks up to Russia; and criticism of current events in Ukraine.  

And law enforcement agencies of the Western countries, doing away with such legal formalities as open criminal proceedings against such people, threaten them with pending trouble and even arrest them.

Mateusz is not the only one facing such persecution. French politician Marine Le Pen of the National Front is accused of not being transparent with the party’s financing. Volen Siderov from the Bulgarian Attack party was tried at first for slander, then for disorderly conduct.

They treat this Polish “friend of Russia” even more cruelly, by trumping up nothing less than espionage to him.

The Piskorski’s case demonstrates how ruthlessly the collective West will conduct itself in suppressing those who are ready to offer the voters an alternative to the current Russophobic agenda. From now on, it is risky for such people to be engaged in politics.   

The West is openly ready to ignore the violation of its own rules and standards, not only in Third World countries where its satellites operate, but also in its own house if these rules and standards are contrary to the general geopolitical policy.

Russia needs to get ready to defend its own political allies - by diplomatic, legal and informational means. In fact, this is already a full-fledged Cold War 2.0. Which means “business is business”.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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