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Europe Has Mutated Into the USSR; Russia Has Become Free Europe (VIDEO)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Last week, respected Russian TV journalist Dimitri Kiselyov made some deeply insightful observations about Russia and Europe.

He pointed out the startling number of ways the European Union now resembles the Soviet Union in its final years. Meanwhile Russia has emerged as a newfound bastion of relative freedom in many spheres.

Indeed, the parallels are astounding.

The Soviet Union, blinded by its own utopian ideology and its many real cultural and scientific achievements, refused to admit the great social and economic problems which eventually led to its downfall. The same is now true of the European Union.

The European Union is governed by an unelected and ideologically-driven bureaucracy out of touch with the real experiences of people. So was the Soviet Union. 

Previously, the USSR jailed dissidents and curtailed politically incorrect speech. Now the EU countries jail dissidents and prohibit politically incorrect speech, while in Russia political correctness is basically unknown. 

Russia now supports freedom of trade; Europe is backing sanctions and import quotas.

The EU is for tight visa-restrictions with Russia, while Russia has repeatedly expressed it would adopt visa-free movement with both the US and EU (on a reciprocal basis only) at the first chance. 

Russia now opposes exporting coups and revolution. Like the USSR, the EU exports ideologically-driven revolution, most notably in Ukraine. 

In Russia, traditional morals and religion are promoted and respected. In the European Union, the traditional family structure is being assailed and atheist ideals are promoted.  

The Russian press is now relatively free to debate the issues. In the West, hardly any dissent from the party line in the press is allowed.

Moscow is now for deescalating conflicts, while the Europeans and Americans conduct provcative military exercises on Russia's borders and ramp up military spending. 

The Soviet Union collapsed not long after cracks began to appear in the monolithic edifice. Is the European Union now on its last legs?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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