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EU Won't Float Ukraine €2 bn. Asks Member States to Donate Instead

EU won't give money to a country in the midst of a civil war and with a track record of oligarch corruption and theft. Suggests the members states do it instead

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

Via ITAR TASS news Agency:

The budget of the European Union is incapable of allocating €2 billion for Ukraine upon an earlier request from еру Kiev authorities, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said on Wednesday.

He said the EU was capable of helping within the limits of its restricted budget and if the sum at the issue was allocated to Ukraine there would be not much left of EU’s budget to provide for different unforeseen issues in the course of the next two years.

Juncker called on the members of the European Union to help with the settlement of the issue concerning the €2 billion assistance for Ukraine as EU’s budget was incapable of covering such expense.

Any PIGS nations willing to participate in this “assistance fund” to Ukraine are absolute suckers.

Especially Greece, Portugal and Spain, which have been beaten and battered by Brussels over the last seven years, while dealing with sky high record unemployment.

Any money these countries have must absolutely be spent on getting people back to work, not thrown away at a non EU member state in order to appease Washington’s war games.

Of special note is Cyprus.

If the Cypriot government agrees to fork over even a cent to the Ukraine oligarchs, then we are looking at perhaps the dumbest ruling government of our time.

After the EU went into depositor bank accounts and literally took (haircut) money from Cypriot citizens, to the tune of  €10 billion euros a year and half ago…Cyprus would be idiotic to donate cash to a non member EU country, after itself (a full EU member) was forced to raid its people’s bank accounts due to the lack of “generosity” from its European partners.

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