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EU Parliament Votes to Condemn US War in Yemen, Wants Saudis Sanctioned

In so many words

EU parliament has passed a resolution calling for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. Middle East Eye:

The parliament called on High Representative Federica Mogherini to “launch an initiative aimed at imposing an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, given the serious allegations of breaches of international humanitarian law by Saudi Arabia in Yemen”.

The vote passed with 359 MEPs supporting it and 212 voting against.

The resolution is obviously symbolic only as the Parliament has no executive powers and EU can't impose such measures on its members. Even so it's pretty significant. 

Firstly, in a different setting the "arms embargo" would be called sanctions, which is what such a measure is. So in fact EU Parliament has now called for sanctions to be imposed against US (and NATO) ally Saudi Arabia.

Secondly, the EU Parliament doesn't want to make the connection, but the Saudi war in Yemen is enabled by US intelligence and logistics support. Without on hands US attention the Saudi military machine is not able to conduct a war like it. Therefore the war in Yemen is also a US war. The EU Parliament has now condemned that war.

Finally, Saudi Arabia is an giant weapons importer. Most of that is bought from the US but a fair bit is purchased in the EU as well. An actual arms embargo could indeed, give the people of Yemen a bit of respite from Saudi assault.

Which is why we're certain it's not going to happen  there's no way the EUropeans are going to say no to those oil billions. 

Gotta keep selling war toys to sheiks
Gotta keep selling war toys to sheiks

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