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Soon Only ‘Refugees’ Will Be Allowed Visa-Free Travel in Europe

This makes sense.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Europe's decision to open its doors to hundreds of thousands of "refugees" was a bold, if not zany, decision.

But apparently there isn't enough room for Americans anymore.

<figcaption>Makes perfect sense.</figcaption>
Makes perfect sense.

According to reports:

The European Parliament has passed a non-binding resolution calling on Brussels to force Americans to apply for visas before visiting Europe unless Washington adheres to a visa reciprocity policy and stops discriminating against eastern EU citizens.

The resolution, passed by a show of hands, demands equal treatment and reciprocity for all EU citizens from Washington as the US continues to refuse visa-free access to people from Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania, along with Cyprus. Other 23 EU member states can enter the US using the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP).

The European lawmakers urged the EU Commission to adopt the necessary legal measures “within two months” to limit American visa-free travel to Europe.

A few things:

Ok, we understand. The United States is actually a total nightmare to enter if you are a foreign tourist from Eastern Europe. We have many stories. So if Americans are allowed to hop around Europe carefree, then EU passport holders should not be discriminated against. Ever.

Unfortunately Washington doesn't see it that way.

(And of course, the easiest way to get in is just to jog in from Mexico.)

And also, let's be real here: Only about 46% of Americans have valid passports. So even if this "symbolic" non-binding vote meant anything, about half of America wouldn't even notice. Pretty remarkable.

The EU's border policies are really something else, though.

"Let's let in hundreds of thousands of people from active war zones, and then threaten to keep Americans out."

Sure, why not? But also...what?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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