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An EU Mayor Fined for Speaking Russian

A word of Russian may not pass the lips of a Reichsgau Latwija official

The mayor of Riga, Nil Ushakov, held an informal meeting with high schoolers where he gave a short speech (in Latvian) and then took questions. Some of the teenagers asked their questions in Russian. Not being a douchebag the mayor answered in Russian.

Now Latvia wants 50 euros from him.

Last year Latvia similarly demanded 140 euros from Ushakov for making a Facebook post in Russian.

Where in the US politicians court the Latino vote by speaking Spanish even if they barely know it, in Latvia officials are barred from addressing their Russian-speaking constituents in their native tongue.

Aside from being barred from speaking his language Nil Ushakov is also barred from carrying his Russian name. According to Latvia his official name is instead "Nils Ušakovs". In fact all ethnic Russians in Latvia have their names Latvianized.

This is all happening in the EU -- supposedly a fortress of human and civic rights that stands morally superior to "Putin's Russia".

Now imagine the outcry if a Belgian mayor was barred from addressing his Walloon constituents in French, or if Macedonia barred serving Albanian politicians from using their native tongue.

Or better yet, imagine the outcry if Russia did not permit native Chechen names but automatically Russified them.

On evidence given ethnic-based oppression is perfectly fine in the EU -- as long as it targets the unfashionable (dangerous?) Russian minority.

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