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EU Bank-Lords Making Brexit So Torturous That No Country Ever Dares Leave EU Again

If EU bureaucrats were bargaining in good faith and genuinely interested in striking a deal, there would be one already

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

I have long observed the Brexit debacle in bewilderment. Why has it been so hard for Britain to leave the EU? Why do the talks seem so complex and obscure? Of course, we can not discount the role of the British ruling class in holding up the process. The business community in the UK has never wanted the country to exit the EU. Along with its allies in the lying press, it has pulled out all the stops to prevent Brexit from ever actually transpiring. UK elites believe it their moral obligation to ensure the rubes and the bigots and the racists don’t win in the end. Western power players are seriously warped people, people who believe that democracy means voting how they tell you to vote.

If one reads the Wikipedia article on Brexit, it reads as a pure propaganda piece against Brexit. It is so one-sided and extreme it almost strains credulity. It is equally hard to believe this site has the chutzpah to call itself an encyclopedia. You would finish reading the article believing that Britain’s economy will collapse like a house of cards the moment it actually exits the EU. You would think the British economy wasn’t the most powerful and prosperous economy in the world long before the EU was even conceived of as a concept. At long last anyhow, I have come to conclude that the primary reason Brexit has not materialized, the primary reason that the process has been so long and arduous and fruitless, is because that is precisely how EU bureaucrats want it to be.

Aspiring totalitarian EU bureaucrats don’t just want to punish Britain for leaving the EU, they want to make the process so complicated and torturous that no other European nation will ever even contemplate leaving the EU again. The EU is a fundamentally anti-democratic institution after all, and always has been. It is the Stephen Moore of political unions. The EU is about money and capitalism and greed and always has been, the people and their consent be damned.

British politics are today in disarray (Theresa May will soon be gone) because the British people once childishly imagined their EU pals were really pals. They weren’t. Their EU pals were in it for themselves all along. That always meant that any divorce would be an acrimonious and uncooperative process. The British people should have been prepared to play hardball. They should have been ready to shut the borders down, to shock their own economy for the sake of negotiating leverage, etc. Instead, they imagined they would just prance out of the EU with smiles on their faces and daisies in their hair. Did they really think EU[SSR] bankster sociopaths like Guy Verhofstadt and Donald Tusk were going to make it that easy?

Your typical EU banker: Guy Verhofstadt

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Since the Brexit victory--a glorious victory, mind you, for ordinary Brits over their extractive, semi-tyrannical, anti-white overlords--the EU has outwitted the British Government every step of the way. They understand that the UK Government is basically a Cultural Marxist puppet government controlled by banksters and oligarchs. EU negotiators have always had the UK’s number because they know precisely what the UK is trying to avoid at all costs, namely any economic pain at all.

The truth is, you can’t reason with oligarch-puppets, which is why EU oligarch-puppets have never tried to to reason with UK oligarch-puppets. You must hit oligarchs and corporations in their purses to change the conduct and negotiating positions of their puppets, which is why the EU has held economic pain over Britain’s head from day one. Money is the only language these people speak. The UK is trying to negotiate from the standpoint of principles and fear with people who don’t care about principles and who are masters at exploiting fear for their own gain.

That negotiating posture is one of unbelievable weakness. The UK has been willing to concede anything to avoid a painstaking and unpleasant Brexit. This is sheer folly. It is basically a game of chicken, and Theresa May is the ultimate chicken. She is so busy clucking and twitching and shaking that I have had the compulsion on more than one occasion to reach through the TV to start plucking the gray hairs out of her witchy head.

Moreover, Brexit was never going to be pain-free. EU bureaucrats were always going to make sure of that, and any major economic restructuring is guaranteed to be difficult and unpleasant. Change is painful, for both individuals and economies.

The first negotiating guidelines drafted by EU[SSR] apparatchik Donald Tusk included a “divorce fee” of $90 billion to be paid by the UK to EU member states upon exiting the EU. The first negotiation between the UK and the EU in 2017 involved Theresa May making numerous concessions to the EU, including very generous residency allowances, but the EU rejected them. The EU’s position on migrants and residency is basically the Democrat position on immigration here in the US, namely that any concession is worse than the default arrangement (that is, what happens if nothing is agreed to). So long as Brexit is drawn out and unrealized, EU courts continue to have jurisdiction in the UK regarding the rights of EU citizens living there, so why change or concede anything?

President of the European Council Donald Tusk, formerly Prime Minister of Poland

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Not even a week after the Brexit referendum was held, Mama Merkel herself stated that the UK could only remain in the single market (a free trade union), if the free movement of people was also guaranteed. In other words, if you want free trade, you’re going to have to accept untold hordes of rapefugees with it. Is being ethnically cleansed from your homeland really worth a few extra shekels? I bet the children in Rotherham celebrated wildly in the streets after hearing Merkel’s proclamation. And by the way, what is Mama Merkel the mother of exactly? A human trafficking syndicate? Shades of Mrs. Minassian in Brandenburg it seems.

These are but a few examples, but they should give you a fairly good idea of what is truly going on here. EU officials are not really negotiating in good faith. They also care even less about what the British people want than do the shamefully corrupt leaders of the UK. You can’t make parties negotiating in bad faith change their bargaining postures or positions by pleading and arguing in desperation, especially when they have most of the sticks, when the result of any transaction will invariably be a net loss to them, and when you have little to offer them in the way of carrots. Remember, for the EU, no Brexit is better than any Brexit. The only way to negotiate in such a circumstance is to promise to make the process and the results of that process even more painful for the other side if they don’t come along reluctantly. The UK has very little to offer the EU, save the withholding of pain, but the UK can’t withhold what it is unwilling to inflict, and to inflict pain means harming itself.

In other words, it is time for UK Brexit negotiators to get tough, even if that means enduring minor blows to their own economy. Sometimes it is perfectly rational to chop off one’s pinky to save one’s arm. If Cultural Marxist EU bureaucrats want to trample on the British people, it is the duty of British leaders and representatives to cut out the EU’s legs with bayonets to protect their subjects. Let’s see if the EU can, or will even attempt to, enforce their fees and penalties and formal rules and preposterous laws. What is the EU going to do if the UK deports its citizens or expels its judges? How far is the EU really willing to take this? Not very, I suspect. If the UK crashes out with no deal, I’d like to see the EU army try to enforce a mammoth Brexit fee!

The EU is bluffing, plain and simple. The banksters who command the EU don’t really want a war, of any kind. They simply think Brexiteers are soft and unwilling to endure any economic hardship. That is their leverage. They think they can steal and extract anything if they just promise to make the mugging painless. They are like schoolyard bullies who promise not to hit you, just so long as you keep giving them your lunch money. The problem for them is that the underbelly of the EU is even softer. It won’t take a lot of pain or defiance to make the EU fat cats cry uncle. The UK may have to take a punch or two to liberate itself from EU domination, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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