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Erdogan - The Ottoman Hitler

The West is supporting a monster far worse than any of the ‘’dictators’’ it has over-thrown

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Not a week has gone by without some Western media outlet, liberal pseudo-intellectual or establishment politician carrying on about some Hitler-like dictator, whose name they can barely pronounce, that they, the civilized, good guys must destroy to save the world from imminent danger.

Remember George Bush’s claim that Saddam Hussein was the new Hitler?  Or Cameron’s and Sarkozy’s ludicrous statements that Ghaddafi was slaughtering his own people and had turned his country into a Hell on earth? The most recent recipients of the dubious title ‘’The New Hitler’’ have been President Assad (courtesy of John Kerry), and most significantly , President Putin.  

What do these ‘’Hitlers’’ have in common, according the presstitutes ? They have all been accused of being ‘’undemocratic’’ and ‘’dictatorial’’, of having carried out ‘’human rights violations’’, of having engaged in ‘’aggressions’’ against their own people or another country, of having been “anti-Western’’ , “insane’’ and “repressive’’, and these baseless accusations are sufficient for NATO to start lobbing missiles into the ‘’dictators’ ‘’ respective countries.

Even when it turned out that Saddam had no WMDs, that it was what later became ISIS that destroyed Libya (with NATO air support), as opposed to Ghadaffi who fought against them, or that Syria had been invaded by foreign, ultra-Islamist armies, against whom Assad was, until recently, the only viable resistance, the presstitutes were still citing human rights violations, dictatorial regimes, lack of democracy and progress, to justify  destabili-zing these countries. And let’s not forget the  ‘illegal annexation of Crimea’, on the excuse that countries can’t redraw borders anymore.

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Let’s pretend for a minute that the Western presstitutes are right, and that anyone who is presumed or proven to have such a track record deserves to be eliminated, his country-bombed ‘back to the stone age’. Let’s apply these standards to a pro-globalization, pro-West, pro-NATO, pro-EU guy known as Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who happens to be the President of Turkey, and see how that shakes out.

First, let’s talk about Erdogan’s human rights record. Turkey’s notoriously poor treatment of the Kurds, who make up 18% of its population, has been well-documented. From unlawful imprisonment to censorship and the illegality of teaching in Kurdish, Turkey has been systematically doing its best to oppress the Kurds from at least the early 1920s. Most recently, under the guise of supposedly combating ‘’terrorism’’ and ‘’ISIS’’, Erdogan bombed the Kurds fighting ISIS in Iraq.  As  Srdja Trifkovic  has pointed out:

Over 80 percent of their bombs were dropped on the Kurds fighting ISIS in Northern Syria and North Western Iraq...Turkey has consistently pursued its own agenda, pretending to be fighting ISIS while settling scores with the two parties that are actually capable of doing so on the ground.”

What of Erdogan’s treatment of opponents and critics? Just the other day, the Turkish newspaper editor, Can Dundar, was charged with “espionage’’ over articles detailing how Turkish authorities have been smuggling weapons into Syria and giving them to varying rebel groups, including the Turkmen that killed the Russian pilot. In 2013, the Gezi Park protests about the environment led to increased government control of the internet, and more police powers. The result was more than 11 people dead and 8,000 wounded.

These are just some examples of the Erdogan State’s treatment of opponents and critics-many more are readily available.

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Under Erdogan, Turkey has seen the emergence of an expansionist, Neo-Ottoman islamist ideology. Neo-Ottomanism, or a ‘’Greater Turkey’’, would involve annexing huge chunks of land in Syria, Bulgaria, Greece and Iran. considered to ‘’rightfully belong to Turkey’’. Erdogan’s guards wear Ottoman dress and indeed:

‘’Erdogan, like the Ottomans before him, sees Turkey as the vanguard of Sunni Muslims from the Caucuses to the Middle East and North Africa. Re-establishing Turkish dominance over Sunni Islam is the backbone of his foreign policy.”

It is hardly surprising that Erdogan has repeatedly said ‘’there is no country called Cyprus’’, the illegal Turkish occupation of North Cyprus continuing to this day. It is also perfectly logical for Erdogan to see ISIS as a potential ally - they are Sunni radicals (just like him), they’re wiping out Kurds, and may be willing at some point to cede some Syrian territory once Assad is gone.  

Given all this, if our Western presstitutes were consistent in their hatred of repressive, undemocratic, dictatorial, insane, regressive, expansionist regimes, they would be calling for the ouster of Erdogan. Why on earth is the pro-EU, pro-NATO, pro-globalization Erdogan being treated differently? Because dictators and madmen are good guys if they are on our side.

If Erdogan were not a pro-Western dictator, the presstitutes would have crowned him “The Ottoman Hitler’’ clamoring for Turkey to be bombed by NATO for oppressing its own people, imprisoning journalists, supporting ISIS both directly and indirectly, illegally occupying North Cyprus, and behaving irresponsibly by provoking Russia, a nuclear power. But since Erdogan is their man, who cares about the details!?

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By supporting Erdogan, the Ottoman Hitler, the West has shown that its war against oppressive regimes is inconsistent, selective and dishonest: an absolute scam.

Hopefully, people will realize this before it’s too late

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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