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Erdogan Apologizes -The Ruined Tourism Season Made Him Do It!

It helps to be firm and know your ‘partner’s’ soft spots

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A popular Russian blogger and an expert on Near Eastern affairs comments on the news that Turkish President made formal apologies to Russia for downing the Russian SU-24 over Syria:

This is what the tourist season does.

Of course, Erdogan is a villain. If he apologized in winter, instead of playing the act in style of “we were right to shoot down the plane”, Turkey would not face a disrupted holiday season and huge financial losses.

It’s worth noting the consistent hardline stance of the Russian Federation, which at the end of the day forced such a selfish person as Erdogan to apologize.

It’s also worth noting that the Turkish prosecutor’s office started checking the implication of Celik in the death of the Russian marine in the course of the evacuation operation of the second pilot of Su-24.

Generally speaking, Turkey is trying to settle down to a course of reformation after the idiot attack on the Russian plane, which came at a high price to it.

I would also note that the story with Turkey again proves that the firm stance in the international affairs is more efficient rather than the attempts to expostulate or calls for good will.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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