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England Voted Against a Strange Union of Billionaires and Migrant Workers

But in Western democracy there’s always a way to bypass the people’s will

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a popular political columnist.

The impossible happened in Great Britain.

A referendum took place, and the country is leaving the European Union.

What does it mean? What’s it all about?

The same thing has been happening across the Western world for several years: a political uprising against the system is happening, but the system is ever stronger.

At first the left-wing Syriza took power in Greece with its endless debts, but its leader, Alexis Tsipras, better than the former liberal government, made best friends with the IMF and Angela Merkel.

Recently, a candidate of the right-wing ‘Party of Liberty’ almost won in the presidential elections in Austria. But only ‘almost’.

Then Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in America started challenging Hillary Clinton, who seemed unbeatable. So far they haven’t succeeded.

The disputes are about the same things:

Do we need uncontrollable migration from the Third World?

Should we slap global corporations on the wrist?

Are we allowed to criticize radical Islam?

Must we admire LGBT, feminism and other forms of political correctness?

Do we need to obey the officials in Brussels, who weren’t elected by anyone?

In other words, nationalist and socialist movements all over the world are attacking a system that is unprofitable and unclear for the majority of people, - but so far the strange union of billionaires and migrant workers, bureaucrats and multicultural diasporas, corporate top managers and liberal intelligentsia remains strong.  

But Great Britain has struck a first serious blow against it.

There’s no reason for this great country to comply with European structures, whose non-transparent decisions escaped British control.  

The option to remain in the EU was defended literally by everyone – deputies from the two parties, Hollywood stars and Barack Obama.

I had a feeling that everything had been already decided, and the referendum was just a formality, a game.

But the game didn’t work.

People didn’t listen to the celebrities, but to their own common sense.

They defended their national independence.

One would think this was a happy end.

But not yet.

First, the referendum itself is not binding. The parliament needs to confirm its results.  

Second and above all, – the system will not surrender.   

So far it’s hard to imagine what it will come up with this time (in this sense, the murder of a female deputy, who was for the remaining in the EU, was suspicious), but it won’t just bow to the opinion of the majority…

They don’t want this, so they’ll try to think of a way out.

Unfortunately, they could come up with something.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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