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Emmanuel Macron, President of Poodlestan: 'I am the Equal of Putin'

Except the part about running an actually independent power?

In the space of a few days Macron has:

Inadequacy much? How needy for recognition is this guy?

Indeed he seems to suggest he bombed Syria so Putin would take him more seriously:

The French premier [sic] said: “I am an equal of Putin. By the way, Putin understands me.

“And I decided to strike Syria in order to convey to Putin that we are also part of this.”

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It’s safe to say that’s going about it the wrong way. The equals of Putin are Kim, Castro, Morales, Maduro, Lukashenko, Nazarbayev, Aliyev — figures who run actually independent states, not appendages of the Empire. If he wants to impress Putin he should start by declaring his independence.

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