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A New Highly Competent Syrian Army Is Emerging Thanks to Russian Training

Former US army colonel believes he sees evidence of great professionalism and skill in combat footage featuring Syrian army units in Aleppo


Video footage emerged portraying the fierce clashes between the government forces and the opposing jihadists inside east Aleppo.

The footage captured the Syrian Army's elite Tiger Forces undergoing violent urban battles in Karm Al-Maysar district which was captured along with a number of other districts west of the Aleppo International Airport.

Notably, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to capture approximately 60% of the rebel-held eastern districts since operations resumed almost ten days ago.

This combat footage of Syrian armor and infantry fighting as a team in East Aleppo is impressive. I know what this is supposed to look like and this is the real deal.

The two groups are closely coordinated as one team and move forward using each other's capabilities as reinforcing combat power.

What has happened in the cauldron of the civil war is that a new force has appeared in the Levant. A new Syrian Arab Army now exists thanks to Russian training, equipment and advice. At the same time the old truism, "whatever does not kill you makes you stronger" applies.

The after action effects of combat stress toward the end of the film is in many ways the most impressive thing. I have seen brave men weep and tremble in exactly the same way coming out of a hard fight.

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