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The Dutch No Vote Makes No Difference: The Fate of Ukraine Is Sealed

Treaty or no treaty, the West will never let Ukraine liberate itself from colonial rule

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Let us not forget that the Revolution of Dignity, or Euromaidan, or coup d’etat against the legitimate government (depending on your point of view) happened because the then President Victor Yanukovich decided to postpone the signing of the EU-Ukraine association agreement. Since November 2013, when it all started, I haven’t met a single Ukrainian who had read its text and could explain what it really means.

The ‘European idea’ for the Ukrainians is kind of phantom, a symbol of faith important enough to kill and die for. So the wave of disappointment that rolled over the unfortunate country upon the results of the Dutch referendum on Ukraine’s EU association was easily predictable and is completely understandable.

<figcaption>Naive people</figcaption>
Naive people

However, Ukraine’s European choice does have real substance that can be described in one word – colonization. Which basically means two things.

Business wise, taking over whatever is competitive on the Western markets and destroying the rest of their economy – in case Ukrainians come back to their senses and realize that it is Russian economy that that they are compatible with.

Politically, to make Ukraine Russia’s enemy – irreversibly.

Whether the Euro association sheet of paper is signed or not, ratified or not, the main goals have already been achieved.

The Ukrainian economy and finance are run by European and American ministers following IMF advice. This is what happened in Russia between 1991-1998, and this is a guaranteed recipe for turning a developed country into an underdeveloped one. Unlike Russia, a much weaker Ukraine stands no chance of recovering, and there’s no Yevgeny Primakov or Vladimir Putin to reverse the tide.

In addition to "real" Westerners, the Euro association has paved way to Ukraine for the greedy, incompetent and viciously anti-Russian Georgian mafia headed by Saakashvili. Evicting them now in the unlikely case Ukrainians come back to their senses will be as difficult as swapping illegal immigrants in Greece for legal in Turkey.

The mission of the sheet pf paper is completed. In the final analysis it really makes no difference whether it is ratified or not. The Euro association has already happened and there’s no escape. We can only mourn the unfortunate country and her naïve people.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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