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Dramatic Details Emerge of Russian Pounding of 'Provocations of US Forces' in Syria (Russian TV)

Interviews with Russian troops caught in the fight reveal that it was a fierce and dangerous engagement - plus a Russian sub got involved, launching a barrage of cruise missiles

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

For an excellent analysis of the approaching danger of a serious US - Russian military clash in Syria, see Mike Whitney's Uncle Sam vs. Russia in Syria: The Nightmare Scenario, published on RI today.

Our regular columnist Tom Luongo also had a very good breakdown of what is happening last week in Now Things Are Serious in Syria.

<figcaption>The fighting was intense</figcaption>
The fighting was intense

Writing about Russia as alternative media can be a surreal experience.

How is it possible that the leading story across Russian mainstream media about an attempt by 'American secret services' to capture 29 Russian military police, which led to a fierce 7 hour long battle, involving, it now turns out, a Russian submarine firing cruise missiles, goes completely unreported in the western media?

The effort turned into a rout of the Islamic militants, and their American handlers, with devastating losses.

We have been writing about this since we broke the story on Wednesday evening. If you missed them, here are our reports:

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Videos about this on our Youtube channel have gotten over 200,000 views.

The number of views indicate that plenty of people are paying attention.

As these reports show the Russian media, and the Russian defense ministry have been loudly and angrily accusing 'The Americans, US special forces, US secret services'  etc., of, effectively, being engaged in combat with them. That strikes us as eminently newsworthy.

Here are two more recent Russian TV reports, from the main evening news watched by the whole country, about the battle - again the Russians speak of 'provocation of US special forces' and angry 'warnings' to 'America' from the Russian military that they will 'decisively' counter-attack against them, as they did this time.

In this first video there are scenes of the Russians under fire tending to a severely wounded Syrian, interviews with Russian soldiers who were in the battle, saying it was a 'miracle' that there were no Russian casualties, footage of Russian trucks riddled with bullets and a gaping hole where a missile hit it. The journalist uses the phrase: 'peppered with lead'.

There are interviews with Russian special forces (faces hidden), describing the battle. (We did not have time to create the transcript on this video as we usually do)

And here is another TV news report from yesterday evening detailing how Russian submarines were involved in the battle, firing cruise missiles from 300 kilometers away which destroyed a number of base camps, weapons caches, equipment, and support infrastructure.

One question comes to mind - if it was a 'miracle' that the Russians lost no men, what would have happened if they had lost many men?

How would they have responded if their MPs had been captured, as planned, by, as they say, 'US Secret Services'?

How close did the world come to a major escalation in the Middle East last week?

We wonder when the mainstream media will address this.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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