Don’t Mess With Erdogan! (Video)

He’ll crush you and gut you and make you suffer, because he’s the man and he’s got balls

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Who de Caliph?

The scandalous video below, first shown on German channel ARD (Consortium of public broadcasters in Germany, one of the largest public broadcasters worldwide), caused an outrageous diplomatic scandal, with the German ambassador in Turkey being dragged to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give an account.

So it seems the Turks don’t feel as confident as they used to right after the outrageous shootdown of the Russian SU-24M back in November. But why? It’s not a secret, really. The authors of the video recalled Erdogan’s love for luxury, his attacks on the free press and reminded of the journalists now standing trial for espionage.

F**k democracy, right, Mr. Erdogan?

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