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The Donbass Diary: If Kiev Launches a New Offensive, Donbass Is Ready

If Ukraine continues on its current course, Ukrainians may eventually view the Donbass army as liberators 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Russian writer and left-wing activist whose books have been translated into seventeen languages. He reported widely from the war torn Donbas, and is there right now.

In this excerpt from his diary that originally appeared in his LJ blog he responds to his readers’ concerns that Russia is not providing enough assistance to Donbas

Brothers and sisters!

I see some confusion in your comments.

Let me again say what I’ve said forty times:

1. Only one country is friendly to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Russia invests more money there than in Syria, Chechnya and Cuba combined. And nobody betrays anybody.

2. The fact that Ukraine is amassing troops on its side of the border doesn’t mean that here in the Donbass, nobody is prepared to resist them. If Ukraine launches an offensive, it has every chance to end closer to Kiev.

3. There is no need for the People’s Republics’ troops to advance toward Kiev until the Ukrainian population begins to see them as liberators from the Kiev regime.

But things are moving in this direction. If you think the Ukrainians are not little by little getting sick of the Kiev authorities - you are wrong. There are reports that many companies ask job seekers if they were on the Maidan, and if they say yes,  the interviewer writes “moron” on the application and trashes it.

Right now, the army of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics does not have the strength and or resources to control  5-7 cities in different regions. On the other side is the Ukraine with 40 million people - an inexhaustible supply of recruits. Maybe you can’t see this from the sofa, but if you stand up you will.

4. People close to the Ukrainian government brag that they will soon be coming to Donbass. Almost certainly in the New Year. "Everything has been decided".

But they won’t get to Donbass.

5. Russians who talk about "losing  Donbass", don’t know the situation at all. And no one in the Red Towers of the one big country (the Kremlin - ed) does more for the Donbass than those who are accused of losing it.

Last but not least, the war could go on, but Kiev only has one goal: making sure no one notices it was started by the Ukrainian Army.

Because when these forces start to lose, Kiev will call for new, continued  and more effective sanctions against Russia. "Ah-ha! You see, they’ve taken another city! They’re marching on Kiev!”

Kiev has one ( silly) hope: – to crush the Russian economy before their own collapses. But those hopes are in vain. The Russian economy is not great, but Ukraine’s is on its death bed.

That’s the picture.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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