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Does Trump Have a Cross and a Wooden Stake to Pierce Vampire Hillary’s Flesh?

So far only Bill Clinton was his spouse’s victim, now the whole world is at risk


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Russian writer and extreme left wing political activist. Born in 1943, he emigrated to the United States in 1974 where he spent 6 years before moving to France and then back to Russia in 1991. So the views expressed in this article are not completely alien to Americans.

My mother has been dead for eight years now, and I am evaluating the characters around me as I look at the world with my mother’s eyes. 

When I look at Hillary Clinton I imagine what my mom would say about her. Here’s what she would say: 

“She is a two-faced woman, Eddie! Don’t trust her!”

Faces like Clinton’s can be found here in Russia, a liar who has gained weight, a woman who lies at all times and places, who is not very skillful at at but who still constantly lies, which is why she is so successful.  

I’m guessing that Clinton has never said a true word in her entire life. 

Everyone remembers the story of the White House intern Monica Lewinsky, when Clinton played the role of the victim for the whole world to see. 

Years later, it turned out that the victim was Don Juan Bill, who needed to relax with his intern from his powerful, autocratic spouse. As the staff members of the White House remembered, Hillary beat the poor red-nosed Bill every single evening. 

It’s clear who was wearing the skirt back then, when the whole world sympathized with Hillary.

Now it’s not Bill but Donald Trump, and we’ll see whether she will be able to deal with the red punk the same way she dealt with red-nosed student Bill. She may not.

After Super Tuesday they will face each other: the lying mother-in-law and the insolent lad Trump. 

Who will win?

Will he ride Hillary’s back into the presidency, or will she knock him down, jump on him, beat his red sides with spurs, until he crashes down foaming at the mouth, instead of reaching the White House?   

Caricaturists show them as two runners, but they would be more accurately caricaturized as two riders whipping their steeds.

There’s no point in reciting the numbers they scored in one or another state. There’s tons of information about them, but you should understand what their conflict is about. 

It’s about the furious all-American mother-in-law riding the red pacer, and the red horseman riding the strong mare with balls (I’m not being vulgar, in Russia a strong-willed woman is a ‘mommy with balls’.)

Hillary wants America to remain old, drowning in familiar nightmares. He wants to wake it up. 

These are two spirits: her unbending strength and the endurance of a mare and his superhuman stamina and aggressive sarcasm. When he calls her a ‘Criminal ’, that’s high praise, since he called Marco Rubio a ‘Loser’ and labelled Ted Cruz, who won in his native Texas, a miserable cowboy. 

Cruz and Rubio have the standard power of senators, while the ‘Criminal’ has the mystical power of an American mother-in-law, unbending and poorly accepting defeat. Hillary is an all-American witch, but Trump is a guffawing red bully, a winner who came to the American rodeo not giving a damn about witches.

The media wants us to believe that Trump represents the old power, racist and conservative, a friend of the Ku-Klux Klan, when he represents the totally new power of our apocalyptic times, a vampire slayer at a time when vampires inhabit the United States by morning, as in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, the main vampire being mother-in-law Hillary. 

With my mom’s eyes I saw fangs from under her well-powdered upper lip. Did you see them? 

Does he have a cross and a wooden stake to pierce her flesh?

Fingers crossed he does.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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