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Disney Cartoon Reject Claims Russia Causing Refugee Crisis

In Yatsenyuk's demented imagination, 'the Russian' is always to blame

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This piece originally appeared in German at Neo Presse. Translated by Boris Jaruselski. Edited by Frank Gashumba

No matter one's own attitude to the subject of refugees and asylum seekers, we need to keep our collective eyes open.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine, is accusing Russian president Vladimir Putin of wanting to split the EU through floods of refugees.

One can view Putin as one likes, but to be able to trigger such floods of refugees, our own politicians, military-industrial complexes and the militaristic interventions of our own political, economic and military allies would certainly not be in any need of assistance. They have been at it for decades now, straining with intensity – and that in all our names. This game for resources, power, markets and money they have played with skill, and one can comfortably state that they had a heck of a mass-killing party doing it.

Bashar al-Assad is the new villain designate, following on from Mossadegh and all his successors who made it onto the to-do list of leaders who ought to be replaced instead with lackeys of the US and EU. But the Russian just spat mightily into this all beautiful intervention broth, bringing it to a boil. And there are commensurate shrieks of all of those whose plans are now threatened.

Yatsenyuk's outburst is presumably not due to excessive enjoyment of alcohol (although it appears that way). It is reasonable to fear that there will be a kind of counter-offensive that will be launched through politics (and hence through the mass media) in the near future aimed at portraying the Russian Federation as the entity responsible for the appearance of refugees.

A useful tactic to deflect attention from one's own responsibility – and one's failure. A useful tactic, too, to assign follow-up problems to someone else -- someone who ought to be taken by the collar anyhow. And a good tactic to win the citizenry's support against just this someone, who needs to be taken by the collar. It has worked before.

And while they're at it, plastering the company logo on several natural-gas resources would not hurt either...

No matter where one personally stands, one ought to be aware of such dangers. One thing's certain: the price, once again being manipulated by self-serving politicians and big business, is one we will all pay.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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