Despite Economic Crisis, Russian Happiness Index Skyrockets

83% Russians feel happy, only 15% are dissatisfied with their life, while the economy is the main concern

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Originally appeared at: VTsIOM
Vot crisis?

According to a poll by the leading Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), 83% of the citizens of this country say they are happy despite the crisis. Fifteen percent of respondents are dissatisfied due to their poor financial situation. 

Peace and wellbeing (35%), having children and grandchildren (21%), the health of the family (18%) bring happiness to Russians. One-tenth associates his or her happiness with their successes and achievements (13%), a good job and education (9%), in that order. 

Lately, Russians have begun to worry about price rises less. Only 5% said this question was important. However,  22% consider the economy to be the main problem.

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