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Despite Brutal Persecution, Only 47 of Obama's 10,000 Syrian Refugees Are Christian

And only 7 are Orthodox, by far the largest and most persecuted denomination in Syria, terrorized by persecutions and beheadings. Unfair? Suspicious even?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and human-rights activist, who lives and practices in New York City.

Patrick Goodenough of reported this morning (August 29, 2016) that the Obama Administration is due to meet its target later today of granting asylum to 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year-- a month ahead of schedule.

<figcaption>A Syrian Christian crucified by ISIS.  We can't possibly imagine why the neocon NY Times and Washington Post aren't covering this story</figcaption>
A Syrian Christian crucified by ISIS. We can't possibly imagine why the neocon NY Times and Washington Post aren't covering this story

According to the news report:


 As of late Sunday [August 28, 2016], 9,902 [Syrian refugees] had been resettled in the United States, but more than 200 more are expected to arrive from Jordan and surrounding areas over the next day. U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells told reporters [that] the 10,000 target announced by President Obama last September will be reached on Monday.

Barring an unlikely last-minute shift, the number of Christians among the 10,000 will be less than half of one percent.

Of the 9,902 before Monday’s arrivals, just 47 (0.47 percent) are Christians, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.

The vast majority of the Syrian refugees permitted to resettle in the United States are Sunni Muslims – 9,726 of the 9,902, or 98.2 percent. Another 20 are [persecuted] Shi’a Muslims, and a further 85 are identified in the data simply as Muslims.

The 47 Christians comprise seven Catholics, four Protestants, six [Antioch?] Orthodox, one Greek Orthodox and 29 refugees self-reported simply as “Christian.” 


Why So Few Christians?

The simplest explanation-- and in science, according to the Principle of Parsimony, the simplest explanation always wins-- Obama wants to keep persecuted Christians out because persecuted Christians will talk.

They will talk to other Christians-- genuine American Christians--and so begin a potential political ''firestorm'' about the genocide now being waged against Syrian Christians by Al Qaeda and other Sunni Muslim terrorist groups that the Obama Administration is quietly funding, arming, and training-- in accordance with the game-plan Hillary Clinton laid down, when she was Secretary of State, to bring ''regime change'' to the land of St. Paul-- whether the Syrian people want it or not. And the Christians most certainly do not! For they know what fate awaits them when Al Qaeda takes over Damascus. (Remember 9/11 anyone?)

And Clinton and Obama know it too. But all they care about is depriving Russia of an ally in Assad--when a re-Christianized Russia cares more about saving Christian lives!

So what does Obama do but grant asylum to Sunni Muslim refugees-- almost exclusively. 98% to be exact. When the Sunni Muslims are the ones who produce all the terrorists?

Ever heard of Operation Paperclip?

It sounds like payment for services received to me.

They nailed that one, so to speak.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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