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Deflating the G7 Football: Barack Obama’s NFL Dream?

For much of the world the G7 Summit in Germany absolutely looks like Barack Obama rigging the game of detente. Does the American president have some cheater's playbook going on? 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Last weekend 7 nations met to discuss key economic issues facing their respective nations, and our world. Instead of solving any of our problems though, the group lunched and laughed, then threatened Russia once again. At the behest of US President Barack Obama and whoever it is he represents, a cheater’s game of rigged economic football threatens all of us.  

This morning The Guardian headline reads: “Obama lambasts Putin: you're wrecking Russia to recreate Soviet empire”. I know most of you reading Russia Insider have often shrugged, dizzied over where this man comes up with the most contemptuous lies to spit at the world. This American leader, who has single handedly stirred up chaos, backstabbed more, drone killed more, and dirty dealt like no leader in recent history since the day he took office, disgraces his people before the world. The man cannot even lose gracefully, and this is what riles me the most about the worst president the United States ever had.

<figcaption>President Barack Obama (M) poses between New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (L) and Patriots owner Robert Kraft (R)</figcaption>
President Barack Obama (M) poses between New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (L) and Patriots owner Robert Kraft (R)

You all know, or most of you do anyway, the United States spearheaded the takeover of Ukraine, the coup d'état that has now led to thousands dead, and to millions displaced or harmed by idiotic sanctions. The think tanks in Washington and in London, they know too that such sanctions only lead to one end – war is the imminent result of such strategies. Still, Obama and the others persist even in the face of certain defeat, for what is the desired result in all this? Oh yes, Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler, and some others tried this too, I almost forgot. But history lessons do not help the world’s citizens these days; reality is biting most in the rear end about now – and the G7 had better wake the hell up. The map of ongoing conflict in the world below gives us a graphical idea of pressures the G7 cannot be considering. In the great sporting event of pursuing peace and stability, the west is losing 100 to 0. 

For the average American or EU citizen, I know most do not even know where Ukraine is, much less do they care. What almost three fourths of my countrymen do care about is their own slow motion decent into a relative poverty. “Sanctions”, Mr. Obama says. Is he as mental as some experts say? 70% of Americans believe the U.S. economy is permanently damaged, and 84% think nothing has changed since the great recession of 2009, and Obama is not even listening! Worse still, Obama and the rest of the Washington elite have spurred an era of vast wealth creation for the 1%. I quote these figures so that readers may begin to make the connections in between G7 sanction play, and the domestic sabotage these leaders are doing at home. The graphic below is from five years ago, and things have gotten worse instead of better. 

Image icon debt-champ.jpg
The world is spiralling out of fiscal control and still the EU backs failed US policies

Since this great recession began along about 2007, the S&P 500 have increased their value by 200%. In contrast, the number of people on food stamps in America has doubled. For the EU people, whole countries suffer not only from record unemployment, but also debt and a standard of living that has run dry. Spain, Ireland, Greece, Italy, ALL the nations outside France and Germany are stunted growth wise now. The EU is falling apart literally, and the United States is not too far behind. Riots, demonstrations, cops killing unarmed citizens, refugees swarming across the seas to survive, war ravaged countries and people begging for their lives, our world is in catastrophe mode with one bright spot on the horizon.

Vladimir Putin is standing up to this G7 mob of stooges. Be thankful, because I am.

How can we know Mr. Putin is fighting a battle for truth? This is the quintessential question when all is said and done. While no one seems to have irrefutable proof this is the case, the evidence he’s trying to slay a big red-white-and-blue banking dragon are hereabouts.

Image icon putin.jpg
Putin with journalists Paolo Valentino (left) and Luciano Fontana the other day

For One: On Ukraine, please examine what Putin told Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera (image above) in a exclusive interview last Friday. The United States and the EU have continually accused Russia of aggression, when in fact the aggression was from the west. Also, with hundreds and thousands of civilians dying in the East of Ukraine, as the same time western corporations are grabbing land and resources in the county as fast as they can. Then there’s the militarism, the NATO buildup, the arms that Obama’s administration has to redistribute. Ukraine is a western propaganda cataclysm, a genocide funded by my government with the aim of finally capturing the big prize, Mother Russia’s wealth.

Or: On western and world economics, the United States of America’s economy is based on consumption. For 50 years my country has consumed 25% of everything produced on this world. People here in Germany, in Romania, even in Russia have dreamed of going there to partake of something magical, like in a Disney film. But this Disney movie will end badly, as rampant consumerism was meant to end all along. This economic report from Business Insider’s Sam Ro hints at the problem. Personal consumption accounts for 70% of the US’s GDP, but guess what? Artificially deescalated gas prices (to hurt Russia) are not having the desired effect. Those unspent gasoline dollars are going to pay past due credit card bills and mortgages, and not new iPhones and GE refrigerators.

It could be possible Barack Obama is the Manchurian Candidate intent on helping America commit a new form of Seppuku. News flash for Obama and the G7, China is now the largest economy on Earth.  Russia has more natural resources and potential than any country, and with India and Brazil in tow can eventually obliterate the west from competition. No, my American fellows won’t like hearing this, but it is fact. Unless Russia’s Foreign State Duma Foreign Relations chief Aleksey Puskhov is delusional, the GDP of the BRICS countries may well surpass that of the G7 in as few as 2 years. So pushing the world into a “bi-polar” economic war is not going to help the average American or European. Is Obama intent on pushing America off the cliff? This is one explanation for his curiously stupid actions. Another might be he works for George Soros with the goal of destroying world economies to set up a new singular one… The thought occurs.

Then too, there is the possibility the America president and ALL his advisers are criminally stupid. The United States, after having run up $18 trillion dollars in debt fighting “no-win” wars and such, still has not trained the Iraqi military to fight its way out of a wet paper bag. At the G7 Obama told the other members there is no “complete strategy” for combating ISIS. According to Obama the Pentagon is still ironing this out!!! This statement is tantamount to the Pope saying his Cardinals are investigating the existence of God. 14 years in the Middle East, millions dead, futures destroyed, trillions spent, the world in continual chaos and the man does not have ANY plan save starting war with Russia?

Other possibilities also exist. Maybe the American leadership has so much dirt on the rest of the G7 the latter cannot say no? Or, Obama could be a transformer who will suddenly becomes smart. The White House could be under some evil spell from the Wicked Witch of the West. Perhaps those Chem-Trails so many talk about have damaged Washington minds? Or I guess the whole mess the world is in could be Vladimir Putin’s fault? The Kremlin may have trained Obama during his missing years, being dead set on creating a new Soviet empire!!!  Maybe they trained Bill and Hillary Clinton too, just so Putin could buy up all of America’s uranium? What we are seeing could be a good cop-bad cop routine to manipulate world stocks and futures – maybe the unseen hand is truly at work? The point is, we all know what we are reading, seeing, and hearing is malarchy. 

Are you frustrated enough? I am.

Image icon obama.jpg
Did President Obama deflate the White House football in order to beat family dog Bo? Here Obama (No 44 of the Patriots) sprints past the Portuguese Water Dog defense end

Watching this mess perpetuated by a president who betrayed the American people, it’s painful. My countrymen are at fault though, in the end. One of my best friends in the states, he’s pretty typical of many Americans I think. When we discuss Vladimir Putin, the American hegemony, or other such political issues, you cannot even guess what card my friend plays. “Putin stole Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring!”

Let that one sink in. Robert Kraft, seen in the image above with Putin and Rupert Murdoch, makes a gift of a Super Bowl ring to Putin. Then, in a twisted moment of remorse, the American oligarch changes his mind just about the time Vladimir Putin calls a halt to Obama's Syria invasion plans! My friend never realized the uncanny ties Kraft, Rupert Murdoch, and others attending this Super Bowl moment have to Ukraine, or reasons why anyone would want to damn Vladimir Putin. Murdoch’s News Corp has called Nazis in Ukraine heroes, but these details slip American (or Murdoch) press moments. My friend is a loyal and good American, he means well always, even if he is stupid as dirt on world events. As for Kraft, his team is currently involved in a cheating scandal the likes of which the NFL has never seen. I guess if Kraft could have his way his staffers tampering with footballs in order to win will be blamed on Putin too.

Image icon putin.jpg
Patriots owner Robert Kraft hands Putin a Super Bowl ring with Rupert Murdoch watching

To sum up for today, Obama and the rest of the so-called “West” are even more suspect since the G7. I think it’s fair to say most people realize there’s something crooked going on in the world, and most no longer think Russia is behind it. I could be wrong, but guilt by association is going to end up revealing historic fact soon. Billionaires on this side, those who own the western press alongside, Presidents and Senators, Chancellors and other dignitaries complicit, maybe this is why Putin cannot finally silence his foes? He’s won at every turn, there’s never been any evidence to the contrary, but like some rigged NFL football contest the cheaters seem to carry on cheating. Maybe they have to, when a final touchdown is all that will save utter defeat?

For Americans in particular it’s time to reevaluate what we believe. The once sacred is now completely suspect. Is it possible to rig a Super Bowl? Is MLB on the level? Will bankers cheat us our of our money? Do president lie and kill people? What is democracy? Are we right or wrong? Is Russia our enemy, or are the wealthy robber barons? Did we land on the moon in 1969, or was that Hollywood? You cannot know, now can you? The news has and is lying, you know they are. On Obama, the man is a fake, he does a sack dance every time he gets the chance, even without having tackled anybody. I bet he’d consider rigging any game, just to stand an inch taller than a fellow competitor. Obama is the America that was never meant to be, the loudmouth bragger too lazy to do the really hard work of winning. I hate to be so bombastic, but my country is in peril, so is our world. Unwarranted touchdown celebrations, "Putin's Missile" downing MH17, Russian invasion cries, Sochi stray dogs, Syrian chemical weapons, the Clinton home PC, uranium sales, deflated NFL footballs, stolen Super Bowl rings, corporate profits, need I go on? 

Now let’s find out the truth, we can demand it you know?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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