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Dear Russia Insiders! Time To Hit the Newsbud Crowdfund Groove!

An exciting, new crowdfunded news initiative

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

(A note from the editor:)  We are familiar with a lot of the folks who along with our great contributor Pepe, are starting Newsbud.  

I heartily endorse the project, and encourage everyone to throw a few $ at Newsbud, even if just a couple, because the more people who get behind them, the more convincing these projects become.  

<figcaption>Deserves our support</figcaption>
Deserves our support

The number of us who speak up is as important as the amount raised.  This one is definitely worth backing!  -  Charles Bausman

It's a great pleasure to address all of you, RI readers, about a new, ambitious, independent multimedia project, Newsbud.

I'm involved in Newsbud after spending almost 15 years at the former Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online, whose brand I represented all across the planet. 

Newsbud will depend on you, the reader – as you can see in this short video.

Here is our site, which explains more: 

No ads. No bought-and-paid-for media. No special interests. No hidden agendas.  


Please make a pledge. Our Kickstarter campaign is live now. It’s been successful so far - but we're still a long way away from our goal.

Be asssured that I plan to have top RI writers on board to boost our international coverage. I'm also available to answer all your questions at  [email protected]  

Many thanks to all – and let’s rock.

- Pepe

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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