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Dear BBC, YOU are Racist Garbage - Russia's Top News Anchor Answers Racism Charge (Kiselyov)

Dmitry Kiselyov explains why saying that Michelle Obama looked like a 'cleaning lady' at the inauguration is not racist

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This article is a translation from the Russian original which appeared on the site yesterday.  The text is a transcript of Kiselyov's remarks on his Sunday week-in-review news show, Vesti Nedelyi.

The BBC has been pummeled by Russian media lately, with another top Russian anchor calling the BBC 'worse than a prostitute' for its recent mini documentary which tried to prove that Trump was in fact controlled by the Kremlin.  It was a classic example of the BBC engaging in flat-out propaganda and lying, and the Russians pounced on it.  

<figcaption>Kiselyov has a point - Michelle looked very frumpy</figcaption>
Kiselyov has a point - Michelle looked very frumpy

We agree with Kiselyov, and Trump - the BBC is destroying its reputation, what's left of it.

Now let’s talk about the BBC.  

It is just mind-boggling how they keep destroying their own reputation.  

Remember how Trump called CNN “fake news” during his first press-conference?  Right after that, he also slammed the BBC, muttering, ‘another beauty’ when their journalist caught his eye.

Well, they lived up to their lousy reputation yet again when they accused us of being racist, no less, in a press review which they send around the world.

‘The controversial Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov again made racist remarks about the former first family of the US on his show, ‘Vesti Nedeli’.

‘Discussing Melania Trump’s fashion style at the inauguration, Kiselyov was very rude about Michelle Obama.’

‘At the inauguration, in her short-sleeved dress, next to Melania, Michelle looked like somebody’s cleaning lady who had just taken off her white apron, who appeared in the photo by accident’ - he informed his audience.’

The BBC review goes on to say: ‘he is considered the chief propagandist of the Kremlin’.

Sure, this is a quote from our episode of January 22.  But the only racism here is in the minds of the BBC journalists who write this stuff.  We were talking about the different fashion styles of the two first ladies.  

A close-fitting, short-sleeved dress, with a collar reaching to the neck, in a color which hides stains, struck me as an odd choice for an inauguration, as if she had just removed a white service apron.  That is why Michelle looked like a maid, especially next to Melania, who was exquisitely dressed for the occasion.  We weren’t suggesting anything else.

Take a look at our segment from last week.

(Segment from previous episode)

So where’s the racism here?  Or is the BBC suggesting that all blacks are maids, and all maids are black?  Now THAT is racist nonsense.  

Typical BBC - they are total garbage, don’t you think?  They even managed to drag the Kremlin into it…


Source: Vesti 7
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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