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Dead Newspaper Editor Latest Addition to String of Mysterious Deaths in Ukraine

 Olga Moroz was the editor of "Neteshinsky Vestnik". She joins a long list of strange deaths in recent months. 

It should be noted that there are conflicting reports about the circumstances surrounding Moroz's death. While the following article claims there are no obvious signs of foul play, other sources disagree. As the article points out, Ukraine has been less than "hospitable" to journalists. Translated by RI's Alina Belyanina: 
The editor-in-chief of Neteshinsky Vestnik was found dead in the Khmelnitsky region, tells the Ukranian regional MIA's press service.
It is reported that " 44 -year-old woman who worked as a chief editor of the city newspaper Neteshinsky Vestnik  was found dead in her apartment this morning in the city Netishin by her sister."
"At the initial examination the obvious signs of violent death wasn't found on the deceased's body," - according to the Management Department.
"For now, Investigative Netishinskovo City Police Department team with the experts of the regional crime lab are working at the place of the accident. The cause of death of the victim will be known only after the forensic examination,"- as it was said in a statement.
To recall, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Ukraine continues to hunt for dissidents and journalists. On Sunday, the SBU reported on the detention of the "New Russia TV" channel.
On 5th of March it became known that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stopped accreditation of all the Russian media. The Ukrainian press is also being persecuted.
On Monday, the newspaper LOOK reported that Finnish journalist and politician Antero Eerolu was beaten in Ukraine.
In addition, the journalists in Ukraine are working with the risk for life. The Ukranian troops are the main source of danger for them. These people have been already killed by the actions of security forces: RTR employees Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin,  the operator of the Channel One Anatoly Klyan, Italian journalist Andy Rokkelli and translator Andrei Mironov, photojournalist MIA "Russia Today" Andrew Stenin.

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