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The Dangerous Military-Industrial-Petrochemical-Political-Financial-Media Complex of Silence Still Rules

"from deep inside the beast I witnessed the rot and corruption inherent in the radical fundamentalism of believing and following only National Security dominated approaches and solutions"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a Major (Retired) of the US Air Force and a peace activist.

The definition of “conspiracy of silence” from reads as follows: An agreement, either formal or tacit, between two or more parties not to discuss some matter nor to reveal any information concerning it, especially in order to avoid blame, embarrassment, or other discomfort. See also

The military-industrial complex of the twentieth century littered our world with nuclear weapons and a MAD policy (Mutually Assured Destruction) to supposedly protect us from the communist and anti-capitalistic Russian (Soviet) threat.  Over the course of the last generation the Russians have embraced democratic and free market principles beyond anyone's wildest expectations, yet the hawks still fictitiously paint Russia as the primary enemy to world peace and have failed to rid nations of their dangerous nuclear weapons and their insane MAD policies.

Having failed to stop or curtail these harmful people and their toxic ideas, the members of the next generation of the ever growing and ever dangerous military-industrial-petrochemical-political-financial-media complex are well on their way to doubling the threats to current and future generations.  
First, their ongoing fiction regarding Russia has been carefully crafted to keep Western Europe subservient to the selfish interests of Washington politicians and their ever greedy and power hungry masters, while also striving to keep West and East Europe eternally divided. 

Second, the cumulative actions of the US led coalitions in the Middle East over recent decades have created a vicious cycle of Mutually Assured Terror.  Far too much indiscriminate killing of men, women and children, repeated encroachment into neighboring or foreign territories, and the theft and destruction of wealth has fed a spiral of ever escalating Warfare followed by retaliatory Terror followed by an endless War on Terror followed by ever increasing Global Terrorism of reciprocal killing, encroachment and destruction.  (It should come as no surprise to the reader that the United States is also dealing with yet another spiral of ever increasing violence between the police and minorities due to a similar cycle of killing, encroachment and destruction ongoing in many communities.)

Our globally connected world is strangling itself with far too much military spending, military weapons, and military aggression in the name of National Security, yet a conspiracy of silence is maintained regarding the characteristics and mentality of the worldwide military-industrial complex described above.  The global society of the twenty first century is crying out for far greater wisdom in the form of increased understanding, intelligent discourse and wise actions related to viable options outside of the National Security paradigm. 

I myself came from a twenty year career as an officer in the US military, but from deep inside the beast I witnessed the rot and corruption inherent in the radical fundamentalism of believing and following only National Security dominated approaches and solutions.  (I suspect similar issues of concern may also apply for the “law and order” mentality that is dominant in a very large number of law enforcement organizations across our country.)  After a decade of research and reflection to seek out enhanced perspectives and alternative approaches I have concluded that Human Security resources and tools used at national and international levels provides the best compliment to existing National Security tools and resources.

If you are not familiar with the field of Human Security, and the well documented origins dating from the 1994 United Nations Development Report, I encourage you to educate yourself.  I further encourage you to ensure that any of your proposed political representatives at state or national levels are also knowledgeable and fluent on the topics of BOTH National Security AND Human Security (or other alternatives to singularly fundamental National Security artifice) BEFORE being elected to office.  In this way any and all citizens can force their elected leaders to break the complex of silence and lead us towards a more humane world.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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