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Czech President Freaked out by Kiev Fascist March

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

Czech President Milos Zeman should be bumped up to the title of President of Europe.

The current European leadership has been stripped of all legitimacy, logic and decency. They act in the best interests of America and not their citizens of the Union.

The Czech President has become a lone voice in the wilderness, we are beginning to worry that the evil Kings in charge of the Empire’s lands will be ordered to bring Mr. Zeman’s head on a silver platter.

Via Russia Insider:

"Surprise, surprise. Victoria Nuland’s “Our man Yats” won’t listen to EU recommendations.

Of course he wouldn’t. He is much closer to the US, ergo the hard line. As Nuland would put it:”F*ck the EU”.

The tragedy is that it is taking a maverick like Czech Republic’s Zeman to say it.

Other European leaders remain silent as the US does everything it can to help deepen a crisis on the European continent."

Here are some words of truth and sanity from one of the last leaders left in Europe (from Zeman’s interview with Pravo, a Czech daily newspaper):

“From the statements by PM Yatsenyuk, I think that he is a ‘prime minister of war’, because he does not want a peaceful solution to the crisis [in Ukraine] recommended by the European Commission.” Yatsenyuk wants to solve Ukrainian conflict “by the use of force.”

According to Zeman, the current policy of Kiev authorities has two “faces.” The first is the “face” of the country’s president, Petro Poroshenko, who “may be a man of peace.”

The second “face” is that of PM Yatsenyuk, who has an uncompromising position toward self-defense forces in Eastern Ukraine.

Zeman said he doesn’t’ believe that the February coup, during which then-President Viktor Yanukovich was deposed from power, was a democratic revolution at all.

“Maidan was not a democratic revolution, and I believe that Ukraine is in a state of civil war,” Zeman said, responding to what he described as “poorly informed people” who compared Maidan with Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Zenman was especially critical of Europe’s silence with regard to last week’s New Years Nazi march through the streets of Kiev, where Ukrainian citizens praised Hitler collaborator, Stepan Bandera, as a hero, and called for his return from the dead, in a séance like atmosphere of incredible creepiness.

Via TASS News Agency:

That the European Union has refrained from saying at least something critical about the recent torch-light street procession by neo-Nazis in Kiev is a sure sign some something is fundamentally wrong with the EU, Czech President Milos Zeman said on a local radio station.

The procession and the way it had been prepared looked pretty much like Nazi parades in Hitler’s Germany before World War II.

“Something is going wrong with Ukraine. On the Internet I saw a video of a crowd of several thousand demonstrating in Kiev’s Independence Square.

They were carrying portraits of Stepan Bandera. I saw that portrait for the first time. He (Bandera) reminded me of Reinhard Heydrich (the chief of Nazi Germany’s main security office and acting Reich-Protector of Bohemia and Moravia – TASS),” Zeman said.

“Something is going wrong with Ukraine and something is going wrong with the European Union, which has failed to protest that demonstration,” Zeman said.

In the same radio broadcast Zeman criticized the Czech Republic’s participation in sanctions against Russia.

“The Czech Republic demonstrates its readiness to cater to other countries’ likes,” he said.

In his opinion the sanctions are “blind consent with the opinions of larger and stronger countries.”

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