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Cruel Russian Ruse: Savchenko is Returned to Ukraine

Savchenko’s release and return to Kiev is a ticking time-bomb capable of blowing apart all Ukrainian policy

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Ukrainian servicewoman Nadezhda Savchenko, who was granted amnesty by Russia, went out to journalists barefoot and said that she was going to drink a couple liters of vodka. “I’m going to drink a couple liters of vodka to recover”, she announced. Then, either having recovered or not, she made a few further remarkable statements.

“I’m always ready to lay down my life and fight for the Ukraine once again. I will do all possible to release every child who is imprisoned now. None of the heroes of Ukraine should die. It’s good for them when the heroes are dead, and it’s bad when they are alive. Things are bad, but we are going to live and the heroes of Ukraine will be present at the Verkhovna Rada”, the Ukrainian media quoted Savchenko as saying.    

After such words, one may conclude that the lady released from Russian imprisonment had already started to fulfill her dream of drinking two liters of vodka right on the plane home.

However, well-informed Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Onufrienko is sure that it’s a sign of a much bigger phenomenon. 

“It was enough just to hear Savchenko’s words and the intonation she used to say them when she came out from the plane - much became clear," he stated in the interview to Tsargrad TV. "She actually told everyone to get lost." He said that she lost the habit of communicating with people and demanded: “'Step aside! Get out of my way! Security, clear the way!”' What was this? She is welcomed as a heroine and she responds with a hysterical intonation, with a violent rush that reminds one of Yulia Timoshenko in her earlier years but much more hysterical."

Indeed the sources indicate that after a short statement Savchenko began screaming at journalists not to crowd around her and to make a way for her. These hysterics, and the fact that she went out to journalists barefoot, also demonstrate not some special condition but the peculiar personality of Nadezhda Savchenko, as Onufrienko believes. 

“She is irresponsible," he stated. "It’s enough to look through her record of service and biography and it will become clear all at once. And most of all – her striving for achieving her goals by any means, walking over dead bodies, literally. She’s ready to kill. She likes it very much. After all, she is a machine gunner. She is actually some kind of irresponsible Nazi gunman exempt from criticism. A mixture of Yarosh, Biletski and Tyagnibok. Or the second Sashko Bilyi – that describes her best”.

Thrown into Kiev's political elite, Savchenko promises to become quite an unpleasant surprise for all its characters in the years to come. Many politicians share this point of view, which they expressed numerous times. 

“Savchenko is the number one in the party list of Yulia Timoshenko. Yulia Timoshenko anyhow belongs to Poroshenko’s opposition. The media created so much hype around Savchenko, made her a member of PACE and a deputy of the junta parliament. Now she is going to become heroine number one who will be exempt from criticism: she’s a saint, she suffered – this is the way she was presented. Now she can criticize whomever and whatever she likes – Poroshenko, authorities, the junta in general – nobody will say a word against her," stated Mikhail Onufrienko, giving his understanding of the situation. "And the first thing she said was that she didn’t yet know how, but she would try hard to make all heroes present at the Verkhovna Rada. And this is actually the reason why they were trying so hard to return her to Kiev”. 


“Our Verkhovna Rada will consist of those people who deserve that. We will live in the Ukraine the way every man deserves to live. I don’t know how I’m going to do that, to be honest. I don’t promise you that it will happen tomorrow. I’m just saying that I’m ready to die for this to happen. And it will happen!” she announced to the journalists at the airport.

“Now everyone will use her for their benefit. Poroshenko will say that he is a hero because he gained the liberation of the heroine. He will use her against Timoshenko. And the latter will do the same because Savchenko is her heroine on whom she imposed her rights. But it’s actually impossible to impose any rights on Savchenko. She plays on her own. That’s why she is going to criticize everyone. Such a person, who present in politics, especially in Kiev politics, is going to quarrel with everybody,” assured Onufrienko. 

The political analyst forecasts that she is going to quarrel with Timoshenko herelf in a few months. Because by her nature, Savchenko follows neither common sense nor anybody's interests, nor any political agreements, only her personal ideas. 

“So when Savchenko was met at the airport, all that that was expected to happen happened: the nuclear bomb was planted right at the feet of the junta's leaders," Onufrienko concludes. "In fact, we might say that this is a ticking time bomb taking into account the things she said at the airport, this is not like this at all…This is like in an old anecdote about the rubber bomb: the number of causalities is unknown because it’s still bouncing. Savchenko has already jumped…

Source: TV Tsargrad
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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