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Criticism of Merkel in Germany Grows Following Greek Crisis

Merkel's latest bailout plan for Greece draws criticism in Germany from both Left and Right, with criticism from the philosopher Jurgen Habermas on the Left and from Wolfgang Schauble, Merkel's own Finance Minister, on the Right

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The reverberations of the Greek bailout crisis are now starting to spread to Germany .

In a radio interview German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble implicitly criticized Merkel by saying he still considers a Grexit the most viable solution.

Meanwhile German philosopher Jurgen Habermas --- one of the architects of euro-federalism --- has openly criticized the deal.

In an interview with the Guardian Habermas said,

“I fear that the German government, including its social democratic faction, have gambled away in one night all the political capital that a better Germany had accumulated in half a century.”

Meanwhile the IMF’s economists have repeated their view that the deal is unworkable and that Greece needs a debt write-off.

For the moment Merkel is able to brush off this criticism. The fact the deal does not contain a debt write-off and the impossibly tough conditions she imposed on the Greeks enabled her to hold down the number of CDU MPs who voted against the deal in the Bundestag to just 50.

However Merkel’s reputation now hangs by a thread. If or rather when the deal unravels she will face criticism that she didn’t follow the advice of Schauble --- her own Finance Minister --- and instead committed Germany --- and the money of German taxpayers --- to a deal that both Schauble and the economists of the IMF said was unworkable.

By that point, as the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate, Merkel could find herself facing more criticism on a different front.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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