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Crimean Tatar Radicals to Kiev: Pay up or You'll See ISIS Flag Flying Over Ukraine

The line between begging and blackmailing is very fine

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Yurasumy is a popular Ukrainian blogger.

The ISIS colors are banned all over the world

<figcaption>"Armed and very dangerous" : Lenur Islyamov, a Ukrainian Crimean Tatar patriot and a greedy sinister clown</figcaption>
"Armed and very dangerous" : Lenur Islyamov, a Ukrainian Crimean Tatar patriot and a greedy sinister clown

And here is the flag of the Crimean Tatar battalion of Ukraine ‘patriots’ named after Noman Celebicihan, displayed the other day in the Chonhar Peninsula:

Lenur Islyamov, battalion commander:

“Today we made our  first flag. Our guys spent several months designing it.”

Islyamov’s ‘guys’ did a good job. I can feel their ideological conditioning.  

And this is what a popular Russian blogger under the name Colonel Cassad writes about the shenanigans of the above-mentioned character:

The organizer and supervisor of the Crimea blockade, Lenur Islyamov claims the Ukrainian authorities should pay compensation to the Crimean Tatars, who abandoned the peninsula after Russia’s ‘occupation’. Live on a Black Sea TV Channel, he said. “We lost business in the Crimea after the Ukrainian army left. If you remember, they escaped with their tail between their legs,” – Islyamov said, adding that he personally invested $10 million in an enterprise on the peninsula, but later had to leave. “No one defended us. The continental Ukraine owes the Crimean Tatars a huge amount of time and money,” – Islyamov emphasized.

Even those who initiated the provocations at the Perekop (a strip of land connecting connecting Ukraine with the Crimea - ed.) confirm that Islyamov makes no sense . All ‘blockades’ failed miserably or weren’t even started, flamboyant statements completely detached from reality on what was going on in the Crimea made fools of the provocateurs headed by Islyamov, who looked like a gang of scary yet ridiculous clowns.

It turned out that all this activity was simply a way for some people, including Islyamov, to leech off another feeder. First he explained his requests for money as a struggle against ‘Russian occupation in the Crimea’. But since it didn’t work, and Islyamov is unlikely to get back to Crimea in the immediate future, he’s trying to get money out of the junta.

The junta is facing a dilemma: if they give in,  Lenur will continue his media pestering, claiming that Ukraine betrayed the Crimean Tatars. If they give money only to him, others will chime in. But they don’t have money for everyone…

In the end, they’ll have to do something.  


Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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