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Crazy! NATO Would Declare a Cyber Attack an Offline Casus Belli

A Russian IT guru predicts one of the results of the Warsaw Summit

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It was announced prior to the Warsaw summit that cyberspace is an equal operational space for NATO troops as water, land or air. But this doesn’t mean that NATO will be conducting military operations on the Internet.

According to an IT expert, the former executive director of Rambler Web Holding Igor Ashmanov, the US wants to create a legal definition in which a cyberattack could be equated to a military attack, making it a reason for war.

“Cyberwar is attacks, viruses, hacking, and the information war is always hot and constantly going on. It’s not determined by any international laws or agreements. So far the start of a cyberwar isn’t registered by any legal means; there are no mechanisms for establishing the presence of the attack; no proof that the attack is from a specific state” – the expert explained.

It’s always difficult to establish the source of a cyberattack or hacking, according to Ashmanov, especially if part of a damaged network is within another jurisdiction. It usually requires an investigation using computer forensics.

“Now they might just say: “NATO has decided that it has been attacked”. It’s very comfortable. They could say that the website of the US President or the Pentagon has been attacked by Russia.”  

“A tube with white powder was used as a reason for invading Iraq. Now it’s enough to attack a website,” – Ashmanov says.  

Source: TV Tsargrad
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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