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Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia

Depraved disciple of Mad John McCain just took crazy to a whole new level

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

If Mad John McCain is the most disgusting man in America (and he is), then certainly his snarling little sidekick from South Carolina Lindsey Graham is a strong second.

Many people remember Mad John’s infamous statement from early 2014 where he declared: ‘Look, Russia is just a gas station masquerading as a country’. The quip was unsurprising coming from McCain, as his hatred of Russia and all things Russian is the stuff of legend and very well known. His junior colleague’s hatred of Russia - every bit as fierce and raging as his elder’s - is less well known only because the man himself is less well known.

Graham, who is currently polling at 0% in his run for the presidency, is actually more than just a colleague, partner, or even friend of McCain. He is in many ways an extension of the Arizona senator himself. Graham’s hatred and rage is McCain’s hatred and rage; and his current run for the presidency is nothing more than the dying specter of McCain’s failed ambitions back in 2008.

This was put on display just last month when out on the campaign trail in Iowa a reporter gave Graham a chance to establish his anti-Russia bona fides to a small group of slack-jawed locals. After vowing to arm Ukraine and re-escalate an already de-escalated civil war there, the South Carolina senator explained how he would be a hands-on leader in dealing with the Russian president. ‘I’m going to lead by example. I would take natural gas that we own in abundance and I’d export it to Europe and I’d cut his legs out from under him - Putin - so he wouldn’t enjoy his monopoly’, said Graham. ‘Russia is a gas station masquerading. They are weak’.

It’s important to note that this statement was given a week or two before Putin cruelly sliced and diced the West at the UN General Assembly. As impressive as that tongue-lashing was, it was merely the preamble to a show of force in Syria, the impressiveness of which is not even denied by Russia’s NATO adversaries.

Exactly how much Putin's impressive Syrian campaign has stoked Graham's Russophobic rage over the past month is anyone's guess, but a recent exchange between he, US General Joseph Dunford, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in which he brow beat the living hell out of both of them, suggests that it was much more than considerable.

The chilling exchange basically consisted of Graham grilling Carter and Dunford about not having a plan to fight alongside the US-backed ‘moderate’ forces, and then repeatedly interrupting the hapless pair as they tried to negotiate with the bald fury coming their way.

The seriousness of this exchange should not be lost on anyone. This was nothing short of a senior US Senator - who happens to be running for president - openly calling for war with Russia. 

There is no other way to interpret it. His words are crystal clear. Everyone in the world knows that Russia is openly fighting in support of Assad; and here we see Lindsey Graham hammering these two defense officials because the US does not have plans to join anti-regime fighters to 'take down Assad'. This is nothing short of war with Russia.

Video of this disturbing exchange follows here. While watching, just notice the rage and fury pulsating in this man. Pay attention to his tone, his eyes. Try to imagine what horrors this wretched individual would unleash on the world if he were to become commander-in-chief (which thankfully will never happen). This is McCainism. This is evil.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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